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Yoon Sang-hyun ♥Revealing Three Sisters Who Have Grewed Up

Yoon Sang-hyun

Yoon Sang-hyun ♥Revealing Three Sisters Who Have Grewed Up to Join MeiBi Shudol

Yoon Sang-hyun

Actor Yoon Sang-hyun and lyricist Mayby couple will join “Superman is Back.”

According to a report by Spotify News on the 30th, Yoon Sang-hyun and Mayby’s family have confirmed their appearance as new family members of KBS2 and “Superman is Back (hereinafter referred to as Schudol).

“Sudol” is a program about parents who take care of their children without wives. Yoon Sang-hyun and Mayby’s family, who will join the new family following the Gary-Hao father and son who recently left Schudol amid regret, will frankly reveal their smiling parenting and marriage life.

This is the second time for the two to appear on a family entertainment show. Yoon Sang-hyun appeared on SBS’ flagship entertainment program “Dongsangimong 2-You Are My Destiny” and frankly revealed the story of “Children’s Daddy,” which raises three siblings, which was loved by viewers. Attention is drawn to the story of the two couples who will join “Sudol” following “Dongsangimong 2” and reveal the story of the children of bungeoppang who grew up well.

Yoon Sang-hyun came out of his agency C-Jes Entertainment after “18 Again” and is looking for a new agency and considering his next film. Maybee is communicating with fans by releasing ordinary daily photos of her husband Yoon Sang-hyun and her three children on social media.

Starring Yoon Sang-hyun and Mayby, “Superman is Back” will premiere in January.

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Seol Min-seok dropped out of the broadcasting station and trusted viewers.

Seol Min-seok

Seol Min-seok dropped out of the broadcasting station and trusted viewers.

Seol Min-seok

Seol Min-seok, who started as a star lecturer in Korean history and appeared in a number of broadcasts as a history expert, admitted to the controversy over plagiarism of his thesis and announced that he would drop all broadcasts.

Controversy over plagiarism was raised by Seol Min-seok, who submitted his master’s thesis on history education at Yonsei University’s Graduate School of Education in 2010 to “Study on Ideological Debate in the Description of Korean Modern History Textbook.” One media outlet claimed on the 29th that Seol Min-seok’s paper was analyzed with a plagiarism rate of 52% as a result of requesting a copy killer of the plagiarism analysis system. Of the total 747 sentences, 187 sentences recorded a 100% plagiarism rate and 332 sentences suspected of plagiarism. More than half of the papers consisted of ‘clothes’ and ‘weaving’.

“I am sorry for causing inconvenience and concern to many people due to the plagiarism of the master’s thesis,” Seol said on his Facebook page on the 29th. I apologize with my head down.’ “I admit that I neglected research in writing my thesis and neglected to write quotes and footnotes in the process of referring to other papers,” he/she said, reflecting that it was “my mistake without excuse.” He apologized again, saying, “I feel responsible and will drop out of all the shows that I’m on.” Although he posted an apology on Facebook, he left a short notice on YouTube channel “Seol-Saem TV” saying, “I will have time to reorganize for the time being,” without much explanation. My comment on Seol’s TV has also been stopped.

Seol is currently starring in MBC’s “Returns of the Crossing Line” and tvN’s “Seol Min-seok’s naked world history.” As controversy flared up, tvN officially confirmed Seol Min-seok’s departure. As the broadcaster named Seol Min-seok, he was not free from controversy over his degree.

On the other hand, the party involved in the plagiarism controversy has announced that it will drop the show, but the decision by the “good girls” has yet to be made. “The Sons” is an exploratory travel program that was loved with the intention of “recognizing hidden history that we didn’t know with our history teacher.” It was produced as the first season of broadcasting in March 2018, and has become a meaningful weekend entertainment show. However, he is in a difficult position due to the controversy over his fixed cast, Seol Min-seok. “We are only checking the facts,” an official of “The Good Girls” told Sports World on Thursday.

It was not just the broadcast in which he appeared that caused controversy over plagiarism in his thesis. Seol Min-seok appeared in the VCR introducing the Grand Prize candidates for the 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards, which aired on the 30th. In this regard, the production team confirmed the controversy of Seol Min-seok through an article at a time when the live broadcast is imminent on its official website. The video, which Seol Min-seok participated in, was completed in advance, making it difficult to prepare for alternative videos. I ask for your understanding.’ However, some pointed out that Seol Min-seok was nominated for the best male prize in the variety category.

Earlier, a number of information delivery errors were pointed out in a broadcast starring Seol Min-seok as a history expert, sparking controversy over history distortion. Archaeologist Kwak Min-soo, who received his Ph.D. in archaeology and Egyptology, pointed out the contents of tvN’s “Seol Min-seok’s naked world history” Egypt on the 20th, and pointed out that “the facts themselves are so wrong.” It is hard to mention one by one. The map is all wrong. “It’s ridiculous,” he criticized. Earlier in the day, a video related to “labor song” released by Seol Min-seok on YouTube channel was also raised. Bae Soon-tak, a music critic, criticized Seol Min-seok’s statement to the effect that “Jazz lost its initial intention and created R&B,” calling it “complete nonsense.”

Seol Min-seok’s degree itself has been tainted by historical distortions and controversy over plagiarism. There is no sentence in Seol Min-seok’s statement that he admits to plagiarism, but if plagiarism is found, he will have only a bachelor’s degree in theater and film. Many students who took the class of educator Seol Min-seok and viewers who trusted the modifier “historian” are also very perplexed. In the future, it is expected to have repercussions in many ways, including broadcasting, publishing, and education.

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Lee Chae-eun’s eyes look like a different person ♥ Oh Chang-seok

Lee Chae-eun's

Lee Chae-eun’s eyes look like a different person ♥ Oh Chang-seok, who is 13 years older than me, is also surprised.

Lee Chae-eun's

Model Lee Chae-eun delivered her changed appearance.

Lee Chae-eun posted on her Instagram on the 29th, “I put on makeup and it looks like someone else. By the way, I’m getting a year older this week. That’s ridiculous,” he said.

The released photo showed Lee Chae-eun, who gave her frontline effect with makeup, overwhelmed her eyes with bigger eyes, and showed off her clear features.

Internet users who saw this said, “You are pretty even if you don’t open your eyes,” and said, “My lover Oh Chang-seok will be surprised.”

Lee Chae-eun has developed into a real lover through TV Chosun’s “Taste of Love” with Oh Chang-seok, a 13-year-old senior, and is in a public relationship.

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Diego Costa’s top priority. Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur asked for it


Diego Costa’s top priority. Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur asked for it.


Coach Jose Mourinho has asked for the reinforcement of the striker to help Son Heung-min and Harry Kane.

According to a report by the British daily “Express” on the 30th, Mourinho asked Tottenham to recruit Diego Costa (32, Atletico Madrid) as his top priority. Tottenham recently fell to seventh place with two draws and two losses in the league, with Son Heung-min and Kane scoring silent 안전놀이터

Costa is a good card at a time when he desperately needs to reinforce his striker. Costa has six months left on his contract with Atletico, but for personal reasons, he terminated his contract under mutual agreement and became a free agent. This is an opportunity for Tottenham to reinforce its offense without any transfer fee.

The problem is that several Premier League teams, including Arsenal, have already started recruiting Costa. Even Chinese and Brazilian teams offered a large amount of money to Costa. It is unknown whether Tottenham will be able to win the recruitment match.

Mourinho led Costa’s heyday as Chelsea manager. Attention is focusing on whether Mourinho will succeed in recruiting Costa due to his ties to the priesthood.

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Tottenham’s veteran DF Ramos is being recruited by the media


Tottenham’s veteran DF Ramos is being recruited by the media.


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho, who is worried about defense instability, is pushing for a reunion with Sergio Ramos (34, Real Madrid).

Britain’s London Evening Standard reported on the 30th that Tottenham is actively seeking to recruit veteran defender Ramos, whose contract expires next summer from Real Madrid 토토사이트

Tottenham has recently been mired in a four-game losing streak (two draws and two losses) due to repeated losses at the end of the game. He was once the leader of the Premier League, but was also pushed back to seventh place. The problem with Tottenham’s defense is well illustrated by the record. Tottenham lost nine points with a 10-minute loss until the end of the game in the Premier League this season. Mourinho is looking for a solution to the defense reinforcement, and Ramos is the most likely candidate.

Ramos is still the captain and main defender of Real Madrid at the age of mid-30s. He also has excellent ability to contribute to offense by scoring three goals and one assist in 15 matches, including the Spanish Primera Liga and the European Champions League. Real Madrid also wants to renew its contract in recognition of Ramos’ ability, but the possibility of transfer has increased as it insists on a single-year contract. Mourinho, who previously coached Ramos at Real Madrid, is aiming for this part.

However, since there are many other teams besides Tottenham who want Ramos, it is not a 100% sure stage. Paris Saint-Germain, who is second to none in terms of financial strength, reportedly wants Ramos.

Mourinho is expected to repeat his bid for Inter Milan defender Milan Shkliniar, who had sought to recruit Ramos last summer.

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a proclamation against smoking for infants


a proclamation against smoking for infants


Actor Yoo Ah-in has declared a no-smoking campaign.

Yoo Ah-in wrote on her social networking service on Monday, “Is this the first time? It was a dung form back then. It’s itchy. It’s getting better. It was like breathing out a little. 17 years? It smells so bad. But you’ll miss this, right? But I want to try. Cough cough. Bbaing tobacco,” he said.

“Let’s quit smoking in 2021, work out harder, and be healthy.” It will keep me healthy. It’s the first decision I’ve made in my smoky life. “Congratulations. I’ll move better with my healthy body,” she said. “I’ll rest better. Where did you go? I’ll find Instagram jam again! If it continues to be boring, I’ll transfer to TikTok. I don’t know. I don’t know. Someday I’ll do it. I’m comfortable with this right now. People of the People’s Republic of Korea. Happy New Year.”

“If you see my smoking early this year, please report here. My panties are going down. “It’s a peep,” he said.

Along with the article, Yoo Ah-in drew attention by posting several photos of her smoking while wearing only underwear and undressed.

The following is the full text of children.

Was it the first time? It was a dung form. It’s itchy. It’s getting better. It was like breathing out a little. 17 years? It smells so bad. But you’ll miss this, right? But I want to try. Cough cough. Bye-ing cigarettes.

Let’s quit smoking in 2020, work out harder, and be healthy. It will keep me healthy. It’s the first decision I’ve made in my smoky life. Congratulate me. I’ll move better with my healthy body.

I’ll take a better rest. Where did you go? I’ll find Instagram jam again! If it continues to be boring, I’ll transfer to TikTok. I don’t know. I don’t know. Someday I’ll do it. I’m comfortable with this right now. People of the People’s Republic of Korea. Happy New Year!

*If you’re seeing my (early) smoking, please report here. My panties are going down. Peep

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Meet Daniel Lindemann with Announcer Kim Yeon-jin at Christmas

Daniel Lindemann

Meet Daniel Lindemann with Announcer Kim Yeon-jin at Christmas. appointment

Daniel Lindemann

Daniel Lindemann, a German broadcaster, happily finished his first blind date with announcer Kim Yeon-jin.

Channel A’s “iContact,” which aired on the 23rd, featured Daniel Lindemann’s first blind date of his long solo career.

Italy’s Alberto and India’s Lucky prepared a blind date for Daniel, who is not dating. The two didn’t tell Daniel it was a blind date, he said, “What should I talk about with my brothers?” “If I told him in advance that I was going to do a blind date, it wouldn’t have come out.”

“Daniel is such a cautious type that he will only worry about his love for 100 years because he is worried about ‘what if he asks me to marry him?'” he added, “I don’t even make time to date him, but only train work and hapkido.”

Daniel, who never dreamed that his brothers had prepared a blind date, said, “In Germany, we have a blind date.” There is a book on how to love for men who are embarrassed by dating. I bought a book called ‘The Art of Love’ by Erich Fromm.

Daniel, who faced his brothers, was embarrassed by the word blind date, and Alberto said, “I hope you don’t feel too pressured.”

The older brothers pointed out the problem by simulating blind dates with Daniel. My brothers said, “Don’t joke around. History stories are good, but don’t talk to yourself. Don’t talk about proverbs.

The brothers also asked, “If you like the other person, talk about ‘ssambap’.”

Daniel, who went on his first blind date in his life, was nervous. Daniel’s blind date was announcer Kim Yeon-jin.

Daniel smiled broadly and expressed his happiness as soon as announcer Kim Yeon-jin appeared. Announcer Kim Yeon-jin said, “You were beautiful” and “You were beautiful from the moment you whispered.”

Daniel Lindemann

When announcer Kim Yeon-jin asked, “How should I call you?” Daniel said, “You can call me oppa.”

Announcer Kim Yeon-jin, however, said, “I don’t think it’s you. I was born in 1985 and of the same age.”

They made eye contact and stared into each other’s faces. When Daniel couldn’t stand the awkwardness and made a funny face, Alberto, who was watching, said, “I told you not to do it,” drawing laughter.

When asked about his favorite food, Daniel replied, “Ssambap,” expressing his fondness for announcer Kim Yeon-jin.

Daniel’s German humor cooled the atmosphere of a pleasant blind date. Alberto and Lucky called Daniel separately and coached him, “Don’t tell me not to do it, and ask what you’re doing on Christmas.”

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change the upper body line of Hanwha Life eSports?

Hanwha Life

Would it change the upper body line of Hanwha Life eSports?

Hanwha Life

The newly organized ahead of the regular season team rosters keseupa Cup to see a good chance. Participating teams can check the competition skills of newly joined players, and also identify synergy between players in each position. This opportunity is all the more valuable for a team that has hired many players. This is why Hanwha Life e-Sports is expected to change its roster ahead of Group B schedule today.

Hanwha Life e-Sports has registered two top liners and three junglers for the contest. Lee Dong-joo of “Dudu” and Park Ki-tae of “Morgan” are available in the top line, while “Aer” Park Mir, “Cad” Cho Sung-yong and “Yohan” Kim Yo-han are available for the jungle position. Among them, “Dudu” Lee Dong-joo, who has gained experience as a team player since last year, and “Aro” Park Mir, who newly joined the team.

The performance of the “Dudu-A” team, which participated in the first day of Group B match, was subtle. In the case of “Dudu,” he made a good impression on the champion Camille in the match against T1. In the line-up match, Kenen was caught with the help of Sean Supporter, and in the middle of the game, he ultimately led to a great victory by locking up the opponent midfielder Annieia. However, in the case of “Aro”, there was no situation to play in one game, and in the two games, there was a regretful attempt to Jungle the counter  안전놀이터

On the second day, it is the top line’s ‘Morgan’ Park Ki-tae and ‘Yohan’ Kim Yo-han. Morgan gained experience playing as a main player for the LPL league team Team WE for a year. The key is how quickly it melts into LCK’s atmosphere, which is somewhat different from LPL. “Yohan” Kim Yo-han is a member of Spear Gaming and has participated in the 2019 Kepa Cup. Since Jung Ji-hoon, Hanwha mid-liner “Chobi” and Jung Ji-hoon were close even before joining the team, it is expected that there will be synergy between the two players in the actual game.

Hanwha Life e-Sports spent a lot of money in the stove league and deployed experienced players on the mid and bot lines. The second step to take now is to complete the top line, which has yet to be verified, believing in mid- and bot-line players. What card will Hanwha Life eSports take out on the second day? And what is the team color that Hanwha Life eSports ultimately draws? It is likely to be seen in the fourth day of the 2020 League of Legend KeSPA Cup ULSAN group stage match, which will be held online on the 24th.

2020 League of Legends KeSPA Cup ULSAN Group 4th day schedule

1 game kt rollster vs Hanwha Life eSports – 24th 5 p.m.
T1 vs. Predit Brion in 2 matches
Hanwha Life e-Sports vs. Genji e-Sports in 3 games
4 games kt rollster vs. T1
Five-game Zenji e-Sports vs. Freddie Brion

2020 League of Legends KeSPA Cup ULSAN Group B Rankings

1st place kt rollster 2–0
2nd place Freddie Brion 1 win 1 loss
Second place Hanwha Life eSports 1 win 1 loss
Second place, Gen.G. eSports, 1 win and 1 loss.
5th place T10 wins and 2 losses

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Faker Lee Sang-hyuk, 30 million won, and a little help


Faker Lee Sang-hyuk, 30 million won, and a little help for your donation.


Professional gamer “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk has made a series of donations to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections (Korona 19).

SK Telecom’s CST1 (T1) announced on the 24th that Lee Sang-hyuk recently donated 30 million won to the Community Chest of Seoul to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

Lee Sang-hyuk’s donation adds meaning to the fact that it is not a one-off but a steady donation. Lee Sang-hyuk donated a total of 70 million won this year alone, including 30 million won to the fruit of love in March. Other T1 players, who sympathized with Lee Sang-hyuk’s intentions, also donated all the donations they received through personal broadcasting (streaming) for a certain period of time 토토사이트

Lee Sang-hyuk said, “I want to help citizens with the difficulties they are experiencing with Corona 19 so far, so I made another donation following March. I hope it will lead to the necessary support for everyone and citizens who are trying to prevent the spread of Corona 19 as soon as possible.”

The donations delivered to Love Fruit will be used to support Corona 19 preventive goods for the disaster-prone, such as masks and disinfectants, quarantine support for multi-use facilities and medical staff.

Lee Sang-hyuk is a living legend in the history of League of Legends e-sports and has won the “League of Legends World Championship” three times since his debut in 2013. It holds the milestone by winning nine LCK titles, including the “2020 Woori Bank League of Legends Korea (LCK) Spring.”

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Chanel model Stella tenant sudden death shock Victoria

Chanel model

Chanel model Stella tenant sudden death shock Victoria Beckham mourning

Chanel model

Stella Tenant, who debuted as a Chanel model and grew into a top model representing Britain, has died.

According to foreign media reports on the 23rd (local time), Stella Tenant passed away suddenly five days after her 50th birthday. His birthday was on the 17th, and he died suddenly on the 22nd.

However, the police cautioned against further interpretation, saying, “There was no suspicious situation.” “Stella has inspired all of us,” the bereaved family said. “I’m going to miss her very much,” he said, asking fans to pray for the repose of the deceased.

In the early 1990s, Stelle Tenant became a model after being seen by designers such as Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld and Versace. She has become a representative model of the UK by exploring various shows and fashion magazines.

For this reason, sadness is shared throughout England. In particular, Victoria Beckham said in the sad news: “I’m so sad. He was a model that I respect very much. “I’ve lived her whole life,” she said, adding to the gloom of the viewers by revealing her life on the show at London Fashion Week in 2018.

Meanwhile, the bereaved family said they would disclose the memorial service schedule later.