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Park Hye-soo, you’re a fellow student of the school violence scandal

Park Hye-soo

Park Hye-soo, you’re a fellow student of the school violence scandal.

Park Hye-soo

While actress Park Hye-soo is embroiled in allegations of school violence, revelations are also continuing on SNS accounts.

On the 22nd, Park Hye-soo’s social networking service (SNS) account, A, who claims to be Park Hye-soo’s classmate, said, “Hye-soo, I was OOO when I was in Daecheong Middle School. “I’m getting paid for my sins,” the comment was posted.

“If I called my father and cursed at him and apologized at least once at the reunion when I was 20 years old, I could have done that because I was young, but he didn’t apologize and said hello,” A said.

“We were close when we were in middle school, and we were in pain even when we were close,” he said. “I think people in Daecheong were really nice. Everyone was quiet when we got hit. My friends told me about what they got hit by him. They said we’re going to talk about it. “I’ve been directly attacked, so I’m going to try not to get buried. If you sue me for comments, I have no conscience. I’m not going to stand still,” he posted.

A also said, “I didn’t listen to you and rebel, but I didn’t bother or hit my friends or younger siblings like him, but when we were close, he used to make a difference, bully someone, and flip the whole school under the pretext of being a year older.” “Really,” he added.

Another classmate of Park Hye-soo, B, said, “You finally broke up. Don’t just delete the articles and comments. Apologize. I don’t want to be on the show again. I want to write, but I can’t write because I’m scared of what I did to the writer of the Nate edition. Everyone, she’s a school bully from Iljin,” Park Hye-soo continued to claim school violence.

Earlier on the 20th, an online community posted an article titled “How can I tell you that I have been sexually assaulted by a female celebrity without evidence?”

The writer C said, “I have been sexually assaulted by a female actor with a pure image now,” adding, “I threw my mom’s packed lunch box from a 10-story building, smashed it, laughed at it, grabbed her hair, and cut her hair with scissors in front of the school table to make a laughingstock.” “I even grabbed his hair by putting preservatives in his mouth and swallowing them,” he said.

In response, some netizens raised suspicions that the actress was Park Hye-soo, who had a controversy over her academic background when she appeared on SBS’ “K-pop Star.” In response, C deleted the article, saying that the actress was not Park Hye-soo. Since then, controversy has continued as Park Hye-soo’s alleged school violence has continued again through comments on SNS.

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Effectiveness and Side Effects of Wasabi (Cold pepper paste)


Effectiveness and Side Effects of Wasabi (Cold pepper paste)


What are the effects?

1. There is an anti-inflammatory effect.

Traditionally, wasabi was used to treat inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and neuralgia. This is due to isothiocyanate, which acted as an antioxidant in our body. The anti-inflammatory action is a very important effect that prevents inflammation in our body and relieves the symptoms to keep our body healthy. Chronic diseases such as arthritis and bronchitis, as well as most diseases, are caused by inflammation 인터넷비아그라

2. There is an antibacterial action.

Studies show that wasabi (sweet pepper paste) is effective in responding to bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. This is also the effect of isothiocyanate. Antibacterial action is effective in protecting our body’s health along with anti-inflammatory action. Antibacterial action properly responds to germs to suppress the growth of bad bacteria that hurt your health, and the anti-inflammatory action is the response to inflammation caused by those bacteria. Due to this effect, some skin care products have added this ingredient.

3. It is good for respiratory diseases.

The spicy taste of wasabi doesn’t irritate the tongue but stimulates the nose. The gas component of isothiocyanate acts directly on nasal cavity and sinus, which can prevent various diseases such as allergic rhinitis and colds and alleviate the symptoms.

4. It is good for cardiovascular disease.

It has the effect of lowering cholesterol levels and preventing blood clots. Cholesterol and blood clots are the cause of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke and myocardial infarction. Thrombosis and cholesterol increase blood pressure, and cholesterol also causes myocardial infarction when split by oxidative stress. The heart needs to be managed normally through food and exercise, and this food will help.

5. Increase appetite and help digestion.

The spicy taste that stimulates the nose not only stimulates appetite but also promotes digestive enzyme secretion to help digestion. We put mustard in cold noodles or cold noodles. In oriental medicine, mustard is said to be heat-producing, which relieves indigestion caused by cold food, which is the effect of the “Sini Green” ingredient. Wasabi also contains this ingredient, so you can see this effect.

6. It is good for preventing cavities.

Antibacterial components also affect oral health. The role of removing fish’s fishy taste and germs from solar eclipses helps dental health in response to bacteria that have antibacterial effects in the oral cavity. It is often said that dental health is one of the five blessings. You need to eat well to be healthy, and your teeth need to be healthy. This kind of food will be helpful.

What are some side effects or precautions?

It’s generally safe food. However, the efficacy and side effects will vary depending on your situation. If you are taking medicine or under special circumstances, follow the doctor’s instructions.

Wasabi is a stimulating food. If you have allergies, you should avoid them. Also, excessive consumption can be a burden. Whatever is appropriate would be better.

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I’m tired of paying the interpreter, Mariners.


I’m tired of paying the interpreter, Mariners.


The remarks made by Seattle Mariners President Kevin Mother at an external event are belatedly controversial.

Local media, including CSB Sports, introduced the remarks made by the CEO of Mother earlier this month at the Bellev Breakfast Rotary Club 토토사이트추천

When asked how he was helping players from other countries learn English, he suddenly named Hisashi Iwakuma, who once played for the Mariners.

“I was tired of paying Iwakuma interpreters,” he said. As soon as we said that, his English suddenly improved.”

On top of that, he also complained that Julio Rodriguez, a promising Dominican Republic player, had poor English skills. He left a remark that ignores players from other languages.

A bigger controversy is that he has admitted the open secrets of the Major League Baseball to be true. He said the club’s top prospect Jared Kelenik had rejected the team’s offer of a six-year contract, and would not include him in the opening roster as a result.

“We won’t let the service time clock start,” he said, admitting that it was because of service time that he did not include promising players in the opening roster. In the Major League, he openly acknowledged the secret that everyone knew.

The remarks were once posted on YouTube, but have now been deleted.

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I’m scared of Corona. Big leaguer who gave up $23 million for two years


I’m scared of Corona. Big leaguer who gave up $23 million for two years in a row.


Colorado Rockies outfielder Ian Desmond said he will not participate in the season this year due to concerns over “Corona 19” following last year. He will give up his two-year salary of $23 million 파워볼사이트

Desmond announced on his Instagram on the 22nd (Korea time) that he would not participate this season. “We’ve had a tough conversation for months. I asked many questions and thought a lot. As of now, he has decided not to attend the 2021 season. I have a greater desire to play baseball with my family than to go back to the current (corona) situation. “I will continue to train and see how the situation develops.

Desmond did not participate in the 2020 season, saying he would spend time with his family when the Korona 19 incident occurred last year. He voluntarily expressed his intention not to attend the meeting, so he did not receive a single 15 million dollars in annual salary last year. The 2021 season is the last season of his contract with Colorado, and Desmond’s annual salary is $8 million.

MLB Traders said, “Desmond left open the possibility of returning later in the season, but Desmond’s Colorado career is certain to end.” Colorado has $15 million in club options for the 2022 season, but it is unlikely that they will implement the option even if Desmond returns to the team in the middle of this year,” he said. If Colorado makes a buyout, it will pay $2 million.

Colorado is the only club that has not signed an FA in the offseason. He traded Nolan Arenado to St. Louis, causing resentment among his fans. It remains to be seen whether Colorado, which saved Desmond’s salary, will reinvest in recruiting other players.

“It’s not surprising that more players will be out of the season like Desmond in the next few weeks,” MLB Traders said. More than 20 players were absent last year. The current Korona 19 infection rate in the U.S. is higher than last summer. “Other players are also sympathetic to Desmond’s concerns about returning to the ballpark at this point.

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LCK 13th 1000 kills, Ghost Jang Yong-joon


LCK 13th 1000 kills, Ghost Jang Yong-joon


Jang Yong-joon, the “ghost” of Damwon Kia, achieved 1,000 kills.

Another 1,000-kill winner came out. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon achieved 1,000 kills in the second round of the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring on the 20th. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon faced Hanwha Life using Ezreal and Sena, and achieved his 13th 1000 kills with 10 kills in the second set. This is the second time Jang Yong-joon, the Ghost, has visited following the first Penta kill of the 2021 LCK season 토토사이트

“Ghost” Jang Yong-joon debuted at CJ Entus in the 2016 Summer season and entered LCK. He was expected to have a long trainee career, but the team’s crisis and debut season coincided with the season without any special performance. Ghost then moved to the bbq olivers. The transfer team was also in a bad situation. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon went through two such rounds and moved to Team Battle Comics and the current Liv Sandbox.

“Ghost” Jang Yong-joon, who performed well in the sandbox, met a new nest called Damwon Kia and flew up with the team. He was rewarded for his time by winning the 2020 season’s Worlds. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon’s LCK record went through a total of four teams: CJ Entus, bbq Oliver, Liv Sandbox, and Damwon Kia, and took six years.

A total of 13 people have achieved 1,000 kills. It is also a medal held by players who have played in LCK for a long time, including “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk, who recorded 2,000 kills, “Frey” Kim Jong-in, and “Bang” Bae Joon-sik. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon left another record, leaving his mark on LCK in various ways, including winning the LOL World Cup, official Penta Kill and 1,000 Kill.

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Maria Mistrot 2’s finalist ranking shock? Happiness


Maria Mistrot 2’s finalist ranking shock? Happiness


Singer Maria, who was unfortunately eliminated from the TV Chosun entertainment show “Miss Trot 2” on the 19th, expressed her feelings on her Instagram.

On this day, Maria surprised fans by adding a picture of her smiling happily, as well as a picture of her making a ridiculous face with a camera under her chin.

He said, “I love Korea so much that I’ve been here for three years. I was so lonely and tired, but I really thank the viewers who supported and loved me on “Miss Trot 2,” he said sincerely in poor Korean.

“I’m not shocked,” he said, adding a comment about the pleasant photo, which drew laughter. Maria said, “Although I didn’t make it to the finals, I think it’s a new beginning, not the end.” “I’ll show you a more pleasant smile in the future. Thank you so much.” “I hope you are happy to see my pictures today.”

In “Miss Trot 2,” the seven finalists were selected. First place star Sarang, second place Kim Tae-yeon, third place Kim Eui-young, fourth place Hong Ji-yoon, fifth place Yang Ji-eun, sixth place Kim Da-hyun, seventh Eun Ga-eun, eighth Kang Hye-yeon, ninth place Hwang Woo-rim, 10th Kim Yeon-ji, 11th Heo Chan-mi, 12th place Maria, 13th place Yoon Tae-hwa, and 14th place Ryu Won-jung. In other words, only 7th place Eun Ga-eun will advance to the final.

This is Maria’s speech.

Hello, I’m Maria.

I love Korea so much. It’s been 3 years since I came here. I was so lonely and tired, but thank you so much to the viewers for supporting and loving me on Miss Trot 2.

I’m not shocked.

Although I couldn’t make it to the finals, I think it’s not the end. I think it’s a new beginning. I’ll show you a lot of fun and smile. Thank you so much. Please be happy while looking at my picture today.

#MissTrot2 #Maria #MissTrot2TOP14 #MissTrot2Shocked #I’m not shocked #Be happy #Smile.

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the good effects of emu oil on us What is the effect

emu oil

the good effects of emu oil on us

emu oil

What is the effect of emu oil?

1. Keep your skin moist.

Emu oil is effective in supplying and maintaining moisture, preventing moisture from escaping from the skin. Lotion or cream with emu oil as the base has a greater effect than using emu oil alone. Also, according to various studies, emu oil is also effective in skin inflammation and eczema 비아그라효과

2. Helps reduce weight and cholesterol.

If you use emu oil by controlling food and exercising enough, it helps prevent obesity. If you don’t eat seafood well, it’s good to take emu oil instead of fish oil. However, research on weight loss is still insufficient and research is ongoing.

3. Prevent skin aging.

Emu oil not only keeps the skin moist, but also helps the skin create collagen. Collagen is an important ingredient for maintaining elasticity of skin and preventing wrinkles. The rich antioxidant components of emu oil help prevent aging due to oxidative stress.

Usually, aging occurs in the eyes. Eye cream with emu oil, caffeine, and vitamin K ingredients can help prevent aging and improve wrinkles. In a 2015 study of 11 women, a cream containing these three ingredients was applied to one eye. About four weeks later, the creamy eye not only disappeared from the dark circles, but also improved skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles.

4. Reduce inflammation.

Emuoil nutritional supplements are a good source of fatty acids and help digestion. In addition, it helps to prevent inflammatory bowel disease and other intestinal diseases as well as to relieve symptoms.

5. It is good for wound recovery and UV protection.

Apply a cream mixed with emu oil to wounds, burns, bruises, etc. Linolenic acid in emu oil has the following effects:

Don’t leave any scars.

It lightens the spots and blemishes caused by aging.

It removes acne scars.

Most studies have tested on mice or guinea pigs, but the results show that if you apply emu oil to the inflammatory area, you’ll find that it’s the most common type.

It shows that it helps you recover.

6. It’s good for hair, nails, and toenails.​

Massage the scalp by mixing peppermint oil and emu oil for hair and scalp health. Studies show that emu oil grows new hair.

Taking emu oil as a nutritional supplement is also good for hair and nails. A diet rich in omega-3s and omega-6s improves hair density and improves dry, weak hair or nail cracks. It is also good for hair loss symptoms. The effect usually occurs between 2 and 6 months after the start of the dose.

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Outbursts. Los Angeles Lakers without Brooklyn Durant


Outbursts. Los Angeles Lakers without Brooklyn Durant.


There was no gap between Kevin Durant.

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Los Angeles Lakers 109-98 in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season away game held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on the 19th (Korea time) 비트코인마진

The window pierced the shield. Brooklyn was the top scorer in the league, and the Lakers were the second-ranked team with at least a run.

Brooklyn missed Durant’s hamstring injury. Brooklyn manager Steven Nash did not specify Durant’s exact return schedule.

Durant was filled by Joe Harris, who scored 21 points and four rebounds, including six three-point shots. James Harden scored 23 points, six rebounds, 11 assists, and Kyrie Irving scored 16 points, seven rebounds, and four assists to help the team win. On this day, Brooklyn threw 39 three-point shots and put 18 in, exploding its outer cannon.

Brooklyn, the runner-up in the Eastern Conference, has won five consecutive games. The gap with the No. 1 Philadelphia 76ers narrowed to one game.

The Lakers also had an injured player. Anthony Davis was sidelined due to an Achilles tendon injury and Dennis Schroeder was sidelined with the Covid-19 protocol.

LeBron James played his part with 32 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. In particular, he scored more than 35,000 points in the NBA on the day, setting a milestone. LeBron is the third player to score more than 35,000 points in NBA history after Karim Abdul-Jabbar and Carl Malone.

Kyle Kuzma also showed active performance with 16 points and 10 rebounds. However, except for LeBron and Kuzma, the Lakers did not have any players who helped in the attack. The Lakers remained second in the Western Conference.

Brooklyn’s outer shell exploded from the beginning of the game. In particular, the best shooter in the league, Harris, had a keen sense of fingertips. Harris scored a three-point shot regardless of region and distance. On the bench, Timothy Luwau Caberrot broke the Lakers’ defense by scoring a goal.

The Lakers were lethargic. Only LeBron and Kuzma fought hard, but the rest of the players were less active. The average height of the players on the court was bigger than Brooklyn, but they did not take advantage of this advantage.

Brooklyn had a lot of fun with the smolin-up. While not losing the rebound fight, he maximized his strengths in offense and easily solved the game.

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Living Legend LeBron, the Lakers’ third-ever loss of 35,000 points


Living Legend LeBron, the Lakers’ third-ever loss of 35,000 points.


LeBron James (LA Lakers) set a milestone for the legends. He became the third player to score more than 35,000 points.

James played triple-double, starting in the 2020-2021 NBA regular league home game against the Brooklyn Nets at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on the 19th (Korea time), scoring 32 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists.

James, who had scored 34,985 points before the match, started the game with seven points in the first quarter. He then steadily scored in the second quarter by shooting mid-range shots and breaking through. James scored a total of 35,000 points in 47.1 seconds before the end of the second quarter 토토꽁머니

Thirty-five thousand points is a milestone in which only two players, Karim Abdul-Jabah and Karl Malone, were on the high ground. James showed off his robustness and stood shoulder to shoulder with legends, playing more than 34 minutes on average this season, his 18th season since his NBA debut.

James had scored an average of 25.7 points before the match. With 42 games left for the Lakers, it is also possible to score more than 36,000 points this season if they maintain their pace without any variables such as injuries. Samsung Electronics can surpass Marlon as early as early as the 2021-2022 season and reach second place.

James reached the milestone, but the Lakers did not laugh. The Lakers, which Anthony Davis missed, lost 98-109 after being dragged around after allowing a turnaround at the end of the first quarter. The Lakers, ranked second in the Western Conference, failed to win two consecutive games, with 2.5 games against the No. 1 Utah Jazz.

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What happened in Chelsea, where he was assigned to Championship


What happened in Chelsea, where he was assigned to Championship Two Hell?


Thomas Tuchel (47), who has been on a winning streak with five consecutive wins since his inauguration at Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL), will try to win six consecutive weekends. There were many concerns about whether he could manage the team well because he took over the team from his former coach Frank Lampard during the season, but he is proving his ability with consecutive wins. Chelsea’s league ranking, which had fallen to eighth place when Lampard was replaced, has risen vertically to fourth place with the UEFA European Champions League (UCL) right now after five more games 토토사이트

Whether he will succeed at Chelsea is quite important in Tuchel’s career. He emerged as a notable manager at Mainz 05 in the German Bundesliga and took on Borussia Dortmund, but was criticized for not winning despite his good performance. In France’s Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he took the helm, he was devalued due to his status as an absolute powerhouse in the league. Chelsea is a chance to make his managerial career a ‘world class.’

Of course, it is worth considering that there were few matches against one of the strongest players except Tottenham Hotspur among the matches Tuchel played after heading to the EPL. “After the match against Southampton on the 20th, we need to watch the first leg of the UCL round of 16 match against Atlentico (AT) Madrid on the 23rd and the subsequent match against Manchester United to realize how strong Chelsea has become under the two-hel system.”

Somewhere between Klopp and Pep.

Tuchel was previously classified as a manager with high tactical flexibility. According to an analysis by soccer columnist Michael Cox last month, Tuchel mainly used four-back-based 4-2-3-1 during Dortmund, but freely exchanged three-back 3-4-3 and 3-1-4-2 in 4-1-4-1, 4-3-3. PSG often used 4-3-3 but sometimes went back and forth between 4-4-2 and 4-2-2 and sometimes 3-5–2. If Dortmund was close to former Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, PSG had absorbed Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s.

“Tuhel is not the type to use a fixed tactic,” said Jang Ji-hyun, a commentator. “At Chelsea, Tuchel follows Pep’s style in terms of dominating the game and playing football with a higher share, but it also resembles Klopp to quickly find ownership of the ball,” he explained. Marco Verati, who was appointed as a middleman during PSG, said at the time, “The players highly value Tuchel in terms of tactical training and communication. “I’m telling you exactly what I want,” he said. “Thanks to Tuchel’s change of tactics, I won a lot of games.”

“In Lampard’s time, Chelsea had a pattern of central defense developing build-ups with side defense help and wingers digging into the center, but they often couldn’t dig up space when the opposing defense was in place,” Jang said. “The build-up system and overall operation are quite tight (compared to Lampard’s days) after his appointment to Tuchel,” he said. “I tend to order a lot of things that are made through movements between players.” “Tuchel has been able to gather the strengths of Klopp and Guardiola well, and they are showing the same side at Chelsea,” he said. “The players’ adaptation was very fast than I thought.”

the players who come back alive.

After his appointment, Tuchel does not seem to be tied to the existing roster. In particular, in the case of front and side, players or positions selected in each game are frequently changed. However, three rear defenders and two third-line midfielders are similar. Antonio Rudiger, César Aspilicueta, and Thiago Silva were appointed as the three defenders from the beginning. After Silva is injured and missing, Andreas Christensen usually comes out.

“Currently, Tuchel is in the process of holding the center of the three defenders for now and confirming the ideal combination in terms of offense,” Jang explained. In addition to Rudiger, who is from the same Germany, Aspilicueta, who has been favored before, is also a player trusted by Tuchel. However, Jang said, “Silva has known each other well since PSG. “He is a player who can coordinate well at the back,” he said. “For Tuhel manager, Silva will be a big blow.”

In the third line, Jorginho and Matteo Kova£ić, who can poke the pass diagonally, usually come out. In particular, Jorginho plays a role in releasing the pressure exerted by the opposing midfielder and spraying the ball on the side where both wingbacks have already advanced to secure a numerical advantage. It is similar to that of Julian Bagel in Dortmund and Verati in PSG. Reflecting the emphasis on build-up, N’Golo Kante, who has an advantage of activity and pressure, seems to have fallen behind in the selection. Marcos Alonso has revived in the side wingback position and is competing with Ben Chilwell, a former member of the England national team.

German striker Timo Werner, who had been sluggish after moving ahead of the season, seems to have revived dramatically under Tuchel. He recently scored in 15 games against Newcastle United. Recently, young players such as Mason Mount, who plays in the second line, as well as Callum Hudson Odoi, who was used in the wingback and the front line, are also performing better. Han Joon-hee, a commentator, said, “The former manager Lampard has discovered young players, but it was questionable whether he has the ability to grow them significantly.” “It is more likely that he will develop under Tuhel.”

We’ll still have to see.

However, it is still difficult to say that Chelsea has been put to the test in earnest under the two-hel system. “After the match against Southampton on the 20th, the first leg of the UCL round of 16 against AT Madrid on the 23rd is expected to be a priority.” AT Madrid has slowed down a bit with two draws in three recent league matches, but are still at the top of the Spanish La Liga with an overwhelming momentum. For Chelsea, he is the strongest opponent he has met since his appointment to Tuchel. If he plays well in the subsequent Manchester United match, the schedule is relatively easy in the league until Manchester City in May.

It is also important whether Tuchel, who has often been at odds with the team’s management during his managerial career, will easily adapt to Chelsea. “Tuchel’s personality is stubborn and self-respectful,” Jang said. “I think we will maintain a better relationship than the previous PSG because we have steadily built up friendship with Chelsea management since the past.” The fact that it is difficult to find superstars in the current Chelsea squad, such as PSG’s Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, who are sometimes prioritized over managers and teams, is also a better environment for “strategist” Tuchel to demonstrate his capabilities.

From the perspective of neutral fans, the emergence of Tuchel is a more exciting factor in the future. “As Tuchel has come, tactical masters are flocking to the EPL, which has good capital,” Jang said. Not only Klopp and Guardiola, but also tactical evolution such as Brendan Rogers of Leicester City, experienced masters like Carlo Ancelotina and Jose Mourinho, and coaches famous for unique tactics like Marcelo Bielsa, are rich in attractions. “The EPL itself has a wide variety of tactical colors, as well as the players’ skills,” Jang said. “Football that is very compatible with the modern soccer trend is being implemented throughout the middle and upper ranks.”