a YouTuber who takes off her top in front of girls.

A YouTube channel with more than 770,000 subscribers has posted a video clip showing teenage female performers in school uniforms having them see and touch the naked body of an adult man, sparking controversy.

On the 17th, the YouTube channel “High-Teenager” posted a video titled “Can teenage girls stay calm in front of healthy men?” Will teenage girls be able to maintain calm in front of healthy men? The video, titled “(Hun-man, Body and Women’s Responses),” had more than 1.5 million views as of Sunday afternoon.

In the video, three teenage female performers in school uniforms perform missions such as looking at the body of an adult man with his top off for a certain period of time, observing closely, and helping him do sit-ups. In the process, if you don’t do it properly, you will be hit with a toy hammer.

Men sometimes approach female performers and pose or encourage them to touch them, saying, “Do you want to touch them?” The production team said that male performers are a 27-year-old YouTuber, while female performers are both 16 and 18 years old, both of whom are middle and high school students.

Netizens have criticized the content as a sex commercialization that emphasizes sexuality against teenagers. In the video, there were critical comments such as “If you were an adult, you would laugh, but if you were a student, you wouldn’t understand what you were planning on,” and “If men and women had changed their gender, there would have been a lot of controversy.”

On the contrary, some said that it can be seen as sexual harassment against female students. One netizen said, “It seems to be sexually harassing female students rather than sexually objectifying men. It’s like a perverted sex crime video that shows erotic things and shows reactions,” he said.

Highteenager is a YouTube channel that mainly publishes content featuring the daily lives and psychology of teenagers, with some 778,000 subscribers.

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