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Cousins’ contract is an unsecured conditional


Cousins’ contract is an unsecured conditional camp contract.


Demarkus Cousins (center, 208 centimeters, 122.5 kilograms) of the Houston Rockets reportedly signed a training camp deal.

According to local sources, Cousins’ contract with Houston is a condition to play at the camp. Cousins decided to wear the Houston uniform this offseason. Even at the time of the contract, the contract is known to be a formal contract with the lowest annual salary. However, Cousins must survive the camp as it is a condition to play in the camp.

The key is whether Cousins can survive. He was away for a year last off-season with a knee injury. He has not avoided major injuries in the last three years as he suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Considering that it is the first season since the injury, it may not be easy to perform well in the past. Realistically, it may not be easy to survive.

But Houston is vulnerable under the basket. Although he caught Christian Wood ($41 million in three years) in the off-season, he is still one of the weak axis. Although the Cousins may improve little by little, there is no room for Houston to join the Cousins. Considering that there is no suitable center, Houston deserves to take Cousins for now.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat were also in the spotlight before the Cousins signed with Houston. However, the contract was not concluded. Or it seems that he didn’t have much interest. Both Lakers and Miami were expected to be Cousins’ destinations as they won the conference in the last playoff, but it is assumed that they were only a theoretical interest.

For Cousins, if they head for Lakers or Miami, they can challenge themselves to win, but they can also hamper their performance. It may be helpful to play a limited amount of time after a major injury, but if you want to win a big contract again in the future, you need to show your robustness in Houston. It must be an important season for Cousins.

If the team maintains only a certain amount of performance in the 2018-2019 season, even before the injury, there will be no problem with its survival. Even if it is difficult to start a business trip immediately, it is necessary to play a role on the bench. If you play for Houston, which is relatively low in height, rather than for a team with a strong under-the-goal record, there will be no problem in securing a chance to play.

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G2 owner Puck’s ban on negotiations


G2 owner Puck’s ban on negotiations on the transfer market behind closed doors.


With the G2 making a leap to Europe’s “absolute first-place” by bringing in Penatik’s franchise star, Martin Larsson, behind the scenes there was an effort to prevent the rival team’s rise in power. Carlos Santiago, owner of G2, said he could not help the rival team rebuild by sending the Pucks Luca Perkovic to Penatic. 토토사이트

On the 3rd (Korean time), “Ocelot” told behind-the-scenes stories related to the transfer market in the podcast “Crackdown” run by “Shorin” and “IWD.” The off-season G2 was a huge success. He recruited “Leckles” to reinforce the long-distance dealer and weakened rival Tim Penatic’s power to catch both rabbits. The Pucks were sent to C9 of the North American LOL Championship Series (LCS) to prevent European teams from reinforcing their strength.

According to Ocelot, the G2 calculated and moved the team’s gains in the transfer market. “Imagine the Pucks moving to Penatic,” he said. “Ocelot was concerned about the power increase of Penatic. G2 and Penatic are rivals who have won eight and seven championships, respectively, at the LOL Europian Championship. If the “Pucks,” who are highly focused in the game, join the Penatik team, chances were high that they would put a dagger on their home team.

In terms of business, the transfer of “Pucks” to Penatic was also likely to incur losses. The G2 is being invested by various sponsors, including Red Bull. If “Pucks” and Penatic pull the G2 off the LEC throne, marketing and other businesses will be hit. “I have a duty to keep the G2 as the best team for investors,” Ocelot said. “We couldn’t allow the biggest rival team to surpass us.”

Eventually, as Ocelot wished, the Pucks ended up spending a new career in C9 in North America. The off-season “Pucks” negotiated with various teams, but didn’t talk to Penatic. In response, Penatic recruited “Nisky” Yassin Dinker and “Upset” Elias Lip for mid- and long-distance dealers, respectively. However, compared to 2020, electricity has weakened.

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Son Heung-min placed 7th in the forward category of’The Best Player of the Year’

The Best Player

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) was named the “100 Best Players and Managers of the Year” by ESPN, a sports media outlet, for the second consecutive year in a row. Son Heung-min, who was selected as the winger last year, finished seventh in the forward category this year.

ESPN announced on its website on the 3rd (Korea time) that “the FC 100 was announced to set the rankings of the best players and coaches of the year at the end of 2020,” adding, “With the coach, the players also selected the top 10 players in each position, from goalkeepers to strikers.”

Son was ranked seventh in the top 10 forwards who shone in 2020. Son Heung-min was ranked fifth in the winger category in last year’s selection, so he was thrilled to be selected as the “ESPN selected FC100” for the second consecutive year. Regarding Son, ESPN said, “If we pick a player who has grown under the leadership of Jose Mourinho this year, it will definitely be Son Heung-min,” adding, “Since Mourinho took over last year, Son Heung-min and his attacking partner Harry Kane have been an unstoppable combination. “If Son doesn’t assist Kane, Kane will assist him,” he said.

“Son Heung-min scored four goals against Southampton in the second week of the season’s opening. In December last year, he scored a goal that beat six opponents in Burnley, and he was nominated for the Puskas award.

ESPN cited Son’s best performance this year as being selected as a player in October of the English Premier League (EPL. It was the first time in two years and two months for Tottenham to be selected as the EPL player of the month since Lucas Moura in August 2018.

Lionel Messi of Barcelona topped the forward category for the second consecutive year. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) was in second place last year, but fell to third place after being defeated by Kylian Mbappe (PSG). Roberto Lewandowski of Bayern Munich topped the list of strikers. Kane ranked fourth in the striker category.

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Korean Movie “The Chaser” Movie Story and Review

The Chaser

The Chaser was released in 2008 and is now known as a very famous director.
It’s director Na Hong-jin’s debut film.
The Chaser is a movie that depicts a former detective tracking a psychopathic serial killer based on Yoo Young-chul’s serial murder case.

Former detective Uhm-ho (Kim Yoon-seok), who runs a business trip massage parlor. He is troubled by the recent series of deaths of prostitutes he had. One by one, while chasing after the missing women in anger because they think they’re diving to avoid paying back the money they borrowed, they find something in common.

All of the missing girls were last called ‘016-9265-4885.
Jung-ho thought the number’s owner sold the women for human trafficking, and just in time contacted the number’s owner and prostitute Kim Mi-jin (Seo Young-hee), who was heading home, to find his home address, and then text him.

Mi-jin tries to send a text message pretending to take a shower as soon as she comes home as she is told, but she only gets a notification of a failure to send a text message because she can’t get a signal.
Eventually, he went outside and tried to use another excuse to call Jung-ho, but there was a thick lock on the front door.
After seeing this, Mi-jin becomes obsessed with unknown fear and is soon caught up by the owner’s man and imprisoned in the bathroom.

The house owner’s name is Ji Young-min (Ha Jung-woo). Although he pretends to be normal in appearance and behavior, he was actually a serial killer who brutally murdered only powerless women.
All the prostitutes who had disappeared were brutally murdered by him.
When Young-min tries to kill Mi-jin who tries to resist in the bathroom, the doorbell rings outside.
They were acquaintances of the owner of the house believed to have been murdered by Young-min.
They, who had come to visit suddenly, also lured them into the house and brutally murdered them, and then collided with the car they were facing while they were in the car looking for a parking spot to move the car they had parked roughly in front of the house.

But the owner of the car was Jung Ho. Jung-ho was looking for Mi-jin because he was too lazy to handle the accident and thought something might have happened to Mi-jin who couldn’t contact him suddenly, so he is trying to get a contact number to solve the problem quickly.
However, Jung-ho, who was suspicious of Young-min, who kept telling him to leave because he was fine, found blood stains on his clothes and intentionally delayed the time, saying, “If you give me your contact number, I’ll compensate you.”
And we finally find out that the owner of the 4885 number in question is Young-min in front of us.
With the movie’s most famous line, “Hey, 4885. It’s You?” Jung-ho starts chasing Young-min.
Young-min, who was caught by Jung-ho after a chase in an alley, heads to the police station with Jung-ho.

Young-min turns the police station upside down by saying that he killed the girls, not sold them out.
However, statements alone lack evidence. Jung-ho said Young-min was a serial killer who killed women.
They run to the point of burning their feet for evidence, but Young-min is released for lack of evidence.
Meanwhile, Mi-jin succeeds in escaping from her home on her own.
Enter a small store and ask for help from the owner (Lee Jae-hee).
On his way to his house where Mi-jin was locked up, Young-min stopped by a regular supermarket to buy cigarettes, which was the store where Mi-jin was hiding.

Mi-jin escaped from the house but was brutally murdered by Young-min. That evening, Jung-ho listens to the voice message that Mi-jin left before she died while looking at the scene where the tragedy of Mi-jin’s murder remains in the supermarket.

In the pouring rain, Jung-ho fights hard at Young-min’s house.
After a long struggle, Jung-ho eventually overpowered Young-min.

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Let’s find out how running is good for our health.


Exercise Overview
Running is an exercise that anyone can do anytime, anywhere. Running events include sprinting, mid-distance running, long-distance running, and marathon. Unlike walking or jogging, it is better for someone who has good physical strength or is accustomed to running because of the high intensity of exercise due to competitive exercise. And because running gives a lot of stimuli to the heart, lungs, and muscles, it can improve your athletic ability by increasing your exercise effect.

motion sequence
1. Keep your body as upright as possible as you can so that you can run more comfortably.
2. It is important that the sole of the foot touches the heel first, and the center moves forward, so that the entire sole of the foot runs evenly against the ground.
3. Position yourself so that you feel like you’re pulling your back straight, your chest wide open, and your hips forward.
4. Relax your shoulders and bend your arms so that the angle of your arms is 90° with your arms naturally lowered, and lightly clench your fists as if you were holding the eggs lightly.
5. When you run, move your L-shaped arms back and forth naturally.
6. Eyes forward. 토토커뮤니티

balanced development of physical ability
improvement in fatigue and vitality
high calorific consumption
a beautiful and wonderful body
Above all, health

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Cho Doo-soon’s house in the middle of elementary, middle and high school… Are you really okay?

On the 3rd, announcer Cho posted a message on her Instagram account, saying, “I came to work in the neighborhood where Cho Doo-soon moved,” adding, “When I came to the scene, the neighborhood where I moved is in the middle of elementary school, high school, children’s library, and kindergarten.”
He then expressed frustration, saying, “I am considering only follow-up measures to move out of Cho Doo-soon’s original house with a lot of budget.”

Announcer Cho said, “What have you been doing for 12 years? As a mother of a child, I can’t pass it by, so I leave a message. Is it okay for Cho Doo-soon to live in the middle of many children? The residents are guilty of something,” he added.

“Cho Doo-soon will be released from prison next week. She writes as a mother, not as a social worker. This is not a specific area problem. Is our neighborhood really okay?” pinching.

Cho Doo-soon, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault in 2008, will be released from prison on July 13.

Cho, who joined KBS as an announcer for the 31st public recruitment in 2005, has been hosting “News A” on Channel A since last year.

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It was more difficult than last year, high difficulty problems such as calculus

In the second period of the 2021 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), which took place on the 3rd, the math section that students in the humanities and social sciences usually take was similar to last year, and the family type that students in the science and natural sciences usually take was more difficult than last year.

In an online briefing held by the Korean Council for University Education Counseling and Counseling, Cho Man-ki, a teacher at Pangyo High School in Gyeonggi Province, said, “The level of difficulty must have been a little less burdensome for students as it was set at a level similar to last September’s mock test and last year’s CSAT.” “The blank reasoning or fractal questions that students felt the most pressure on the previous year’s CSAT were not presented this year.” In particular, he said, “Middle and lower-level students would feel difficult, but students in the upper-middle class would have felt flat compared to the September mock test or last year’s CSAT.” However, Type 20 questions, which can be solved only by knowing the relationship between differential and integral, and Type 30 questions, which have to be checked by dividing the absolute value, and the defined functions, and the differential and continuity, were selected as new types and high-level questions.

On the other hand, some experts said that the exam was more difficult than last year’s College Scholastic Ability Test and September’s mock test in September this year. Kim Jung-hwan, a teacher at Hyehwa Girls’ High School in Daegu, who is a member of the College Entrance Counseling Team, said, “As the process of solving questions for middle-level students has been somewhat prolonged, it may have been difficult for middle-level students to arrange time, and the geometric questions have been asked as calculus questions, so the top students must have felt somewhat difficult.” In particular, among the 20s, 21s, 29s and 30s, 토토사이트  which are so-called “killer questions,” which are presented to give discrimination against the top ranks, the calculation was complicated due to calculus-related problems, and the 28th question that needs to be applied was considered difficult. Teacher Kim said, “(A type of high-level questions) Not only did the number of high-level questions increase by one or two, but the solving process itself must have felt difficult because students spent more time than usual.”

Unlike in previous years, this year’s CSAT math section was the first test to be applied to the 2015 revised curriculum. As a result, geometry and vectors were excluded from the required range of questions, instead of math I, calculus probability, and statistics. In the case of Math Type B, the test was given in the probability and statistics of Mathematics I  Mathematics II, and the aesthetic I, which was presented last year, was excluded. Oh Seok-seok, a teacher at Somyeong Girls’ High School in Gyeonggi Province, who was in charge of the general review of the CSAT’s math section for 2021, said, “The revised curriculum has reduced the contents by about 10 percent, but rather than making it easier, we can see that the questions that require in-depth thinking and application skills in the curriculum have been presented with discrimination due to their difficulty.” He also commented, “In both type A and type B, the ratio of EBS-linked questions is relatively low, so the difficulty of feeling can be formed high.”

Admission companies also analyzed that “Math A type has a high level of difficulty in feeling, and Type Na was easy compared to the mock test in June and September and last year’s CSAT.”

Lee Young-deok, head of the Daesung Institute for Education Development, said, “Mathematics Ga and B type were all similar to last year’s CSAT, and the overall level of difficulty felt is likely to have been similar to last year due to the increased difficulty of the remaining questions except killer questions.” Lim Sung-ho, CEO of Jongno Academy, said, “Mathematics A type has many difficult problems, so there will be a considerable difference in the level of difficulty between the upper and middle classes,” adding, “In Mathematics B type, the questions of the index and trigonometric functions newly added to the test range this year were also relatively plain.

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Marin FC is happy to meet Tottenham

Marin FC

Marin FC of the eighth division, who was delighted to meet Tottenham Hotspur in the third round of the FA Cup, may not be able to play a dream match at home.

Marin met Tottenham, who is ranked first in the Premier League (PL), on the 30th of last month (Korea time) after a draw for the third round of the FA Cup organized by the English Football Association (FA). The match will be held at Marine’s home stadium on Jan. 9 next year.

Marin, based on the crossbeams in the Liverpool Merseyside area, uses the rosette park as a home stadium to accommodate a total of 3,185 spectators. However, the average capacity is about 390.

However, Marin was founded in 1894. The Rosette Park was also opened in 1904 and is a place with a long history. It is surprising to meet Tottenham in the FA Cup, as they have stayed almost only in the lower leagues. He has already secured 150,000 pounds (220 million won) by advancing to the third round.

However, it is unclear whether the games will be held at Rosette Park. Marin needs to secure a 3,000-seat stadium, the British daily newspaper Daily Mail said on Tuesday. Due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), social distance is inevitable.

Merseyside’s Corona 19 confirmation rate can accommodate more than 2,000 spectators if the current situation is maintained. For this reason, a stadium with at least 4,000 seats is needed.

The team’s management is also aware of the possibility of changing the home stadium. Liverpool’s Everton home stadium Goodison Park may be an alternative, 정품비아그라 but it will play against Roderham United on the same day.

Liverpool play the Aston Villa away game. As the fourth-division team of the Tranmere Rovers also embarks on an expedition with Bansley, the home stadium of these two clubs is likely to be an alternative. However, the key is whether Liverpool and Transformer allow rental.

Of course, Marin thinks it’s best to play at Rosette Park. If it’s not for Corona 19, it’s enough to have a game, but it’s a pity that it’s not. Marin’s idea is to find an alternative under any circumstances.

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A simple way to make ‘Chili Japchae’.

Chili Japchae

250g of shredded pork

2 peppers, 1/4 onions, 1 red pepper, starch powder, flavored soy sauce, minced garlic, oyster sauce, pepper oil, ginger wine, cooking wine, sugar, salt, pepper

For pork, prepare low-fat parts such as sirloin and pork neck.
You can make beef according to the circumstances of the refrigerator.
I added the indispensable peppers and spicy red peppers together.
You can add paprika or mushrooms. shredded pork to catch the distinctive smell of the nude.
Ginger wine 1. Season it with large alcohol, a little bit of minced garlic, salt, and pepper.

I’ll leave it for about 10 minutes. Let’s do it first.​
Add 1 tablespoon of starch.
If you put starch in it, the spicy taste of the red pepper japchae will be improved and the seasoning will be absorbed well.​
Mix well to blend evenly and let stand for about 10 minutes.Make the sauce.

3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons of cooking wine
1 tablespoon gingerbread
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
Put in 0.7 tablespoon sugar.
Mix it well.I trim the vegetables.

Cut the bell pepper into half and shred it after removing the middle seed.
When you make japchae with red pepper, it’s more delicious to cut it in a straight line than to make the texture and shape look delicious.

Four, stir-fry the ingredients to complete it.
Grease a heated pan with plenty of cooking oil and stir-fry seasoned meat.
Stir-fry the meat with chopsticks to prevent it from clumping.If it’s not enough for the liver,
Add soy sauce, add 1.5 tablespoons of red pepper oil and stir-fry to finish.
At the end, it smells like red pepper oil, and the flavor comes alive.

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Personal information leakage through hacking of Kakao ‘Ground One’

Ground One, an affiliate of Kakao Blockchain technology, belatedly announced that more than 2,000 cases of personal information leakage occurred on the 8th of last month. Ground One is a local subsidiary of Kakao’s block chain, Ground X.

Ground One sent an e-mail to the customer on the 2nd to notify them of the personal information leak. According to the company on the 2nd, it infiltrated its cloud-based document management system with a public cloud account stolen by an unidentified outsider through hacking around 3 p.m. on the 8th of last month and stole files for work. This included personal information of 2,000 people, including names, e-mails and phone numbers.

“The names, mobile phone numbers, and e-mails of newsletters, including media lists, officials from partner companies, and offline event attendees, were leaked,” said an official at Ground One. “Customer information of Clayton, our own block chain platform, was not leaked.”

However, strong criticism has been raised over the announcement of the personal information leak that occurred on April 8. They say that the situation has been enough to cause damage to those whose personal information has been leaked. The company explained that it was delayed in the process of conducting internal security precautions to prevent further damage. After the accident, the company reportedly reported it to related agencies such as the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and took measures to prevent recurrence, including blocking access to leaked accounts, strengthening internal security and controlling IP.

Ground One said, “We have not yet confirmed any cases of abuse of leaked information,” but added, “Please pay special attention to voice phishing, spam text messages and illegal telemarketing suspected of abusing the information.” He also apologized, saying, “We will improve our internal information protection management system, including strengthening privacy measures, to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.”

Ground One was established in 2018 by Kakao to run the Ground X Blockchain business in Korea after Japan. Based on the block chain platform ‘Clayton’, it released its mobile version of ‘Clip’ in June. The clip was posted on Kakao Talk.