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I don’t know what to say to the restraints of anti-ministry

Ban Min-jung

I don’t know what to say to the restraints of anti-ministry.

Ban Min-jung

Actress Ban Min-jung expressed her feelings after hearing the news of Cho Duk-je’s sentence.

On the 15th, Ban Min-jung said in a telephone conversation with Expots News that she was being contacted by reporters after hearing the news while eating, “I don’t know what to say.” Ban Min-jung, who continued to speak in a slightly nervous but calm voice, said, “I don’t think I can talk well in words, so I’m in a situation where I put my feelings into my position.”

After the news of Cho Duk-je’s arrest was announced on the day, Ban Min-jung expressed her feelings in a statement.

“I suffered too much for about six years,” Ban said. Although the defendants’ personal interviews, press conferences, Internet cafes, Facebook and YouTube posts and videos they posted after the convictions of sex crimes were all false, they were imprinted on the public as innocent girls, threatened women, and they lost everything.”

“What I was able to choose in that state was a legal response, and although it took time, I dragged out my guilt today. In the process of legal action, several self-inflicted and extreme choice attempts were made, physically and mentally collapsed, and all lives were shaken. Nevertheless, what I endured to the end was that I wanted to be a hope that the truth would be revealed someday if I lived with other victims of sex crimes, going further from being recognized as false by law.”
He added, “I wanted to let you know that my case and its resolution process were not a provocative gossip, but a serious social problem, and I hope that today’s ruling will remain a meaningful precedent.”

Earlier in the day, Judge Park Chang-woo of the Uijeongbu District Court sentenced Cho Duk-je, a defendant accused of violating the Special Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Cho Deok-je was put on trial in April 2015 on charges of indecent assault, including touching the body of the opponent’s anti-minjeong without prior agreement, and was sentenced by the Supreme Court in 2018 to one year in prison with two years of probation and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment.

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Son Dambi is wearing the same necklace. It’s around 70 million won

Son Dambi

Son Dambi is wearing the same necklace. It’s around 70 million won.

Son Dambi

Singer Rain and Son Dam-bi are in the spotlight for wearing the same necklace.

Son Dambi wore a black slip dress and a diamond-decorated necklace at the 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards on the 29th of last month. Son Dam-bi wore a set of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to highlight her fashion.

In addition, singer Rain sang his new song “Change to Me” at the 35th 2021 Golden Disc Awards with Park Jin-young on the 10th. At that time, Rain drew attention by wearing a black suit and a diamond necklace worn by Son Dam-bi.
The necklace is a Posten Necris from the jewelry brand Fred, an expensive product with diamonds on it. The price is known to be about 71.46 million won. Netizens responded by saying, “Both look good,” “The price is ridiculous,” and “I wonder if it’s sponsored or owned by them.”

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Lotte Min Byung Hun, who is undergoing brain surgery

Min Byung Hun

Lotte Min Byung Hun, who is undergoing brain surgery, will be back in good healthily.

Min Byung Hun

“What else do I need to say? I’ll be back in good health.”

The voice passed over the receiver was cheerful. Min Byung-hun (Lotte) thanked his fans for their concern and promised to return to the ground in good health 토토추천

The Lotte Giants announced on the 18th that Min Byung-hun will undergo brain aneurysm surgery at Seoul National University Hospital on the 22nd.

Cerebral aneurysm is a symptom of cracks and abnormally swelling in the brain vessel walls.

The first time I felt an ideal was in 2019. It wasn’t then, but now it’s a step that requires surgery.Min Byung-hun said, “I underwent a thorough examination two days after the end of last season. The results of the test came out in mid-December, so we set a date for the surgery.

Min Byung-hun joined Lotte as a free agent ahead of the 2018 season. Min Byung-hun, who had played his part with a batting average of more than .300 for the third consecutive year in 2018 and 2019, only batted .233 and RBIs last year.

Min Byung-hun’s poor performance had nothing to do with the cerebral aneurysm, though he did not show his face. “It was endless thinking it was hard,” Min said. “I couldn’t make excuses. It was really hard,” he recalled.

Min Byung-hun, who entered the pro league through the Doosan Bears in the 2006 season, has shown steady performance since 2013, when he became a main player. Min Byung-hun, who spent the whole winter in a systematic manner, will skip spring camp for the first time in his debut.

Due to the characteristics of cerebral aneurysm surgery, it is difficult to specify when to return. Min Byung-hun said, “We don’t know when we can recover. But I am thinking positively. I’ll be back in good health. You don’t have to worry too much.

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German magazine Hamburg Lee Jae-sung offered a transfer 4 billion won


German magazine Hamburg Lee Jae-sung offered a transfer fee of 4 billion won


Local media reported that the German professional soccer team, which offered a transfer fee of 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) last summer to recruit midfielder Lee Jae-sung (29, Holstein Kiel), was Hamburg in the second division.

The German weekly Rottenburg Luntshaw said on the 17th (Korea time), “Hamburg has a very special playmaker Lee Jae-sung in mind even before the start of this season.” “I contacted Holstein Kiel that I had prepared 3 million euros (if I wanted to sell it) during the summer of 2020, but I was rejected.”

Lee Jae-sung has been playing with 20 points and 21 assists in 82 games, including the Cup tournament, since the 2018-19 season in Holstein Kiel, Germany’s second division, who joined the 2017 K League 1 MVP and 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup 파워볼사이트

“Lee Jae-sung’s current contract is until the end of this season. Therefore, January 2021 is the last chance to sell for a transfer fee. Hamburg is waiting for Holstein Kiel to change his mind, but there is a possibility that he will fail.

Holstein Kiel has never experienced the first division since the introduction of the German National League in 1963. In the 2020-21 season, he is also ranked fourth with eight wins, five draws, three losses and 29 points. In the second division of Germany, the first and second place will go straight to the first division, and the third place will advance to the promotion playoffs.

Lee Jae-sung has no justification to remain unless Holstein Kiel is promoted. “The club wants to stay with Lee Jae-sung until the end of the season, but I know that nothing can be ruled out in football,” said Luntshaw, who sees a zero chance of leaving in January.

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It’s refreshing to listen to my body’s sound while I’m on prescription therapy


It’s refreshing to listen to my body’s sound while I’m on prescription therapy.


Symptoms of trauma caused by unexpected traffic accidents or strong shocks are the first symptoms. If there is pain, cause treatment is essential, but numerical treatment and physical therapy are often used at the same time. I heard from an expert in manual therapy about what manual therapy is like and whether it helps relieve pain.

Is it possible to relieve the pain with prescription therapy?

Metrology is a treatment that can literally relieve pain by fixing muscles and joints with bare hands. It is good because you can point out areas of pain because you use your hands directly. An emotional sense of stability can be expected by identifying the cause of pain and considering posture correction, patient treatment time, and characteristics.

In addition, prescription therapy can expect results such as relaxation of muscles closely related to pain, improvement of blood circulation, and reduction of edema. Strain in muscles can cause pain. To relieve the pain, you need to relax tense muscles, and manual therapy relaxes them and restores shortening muscle tension. As it also helps lymph circulation and blood circulation, it can reduce edema caused by inflammation and also speed up recovery.

In addition, by hand treating the muscles and joints related to pain, the therapist can restore the normal range of operation of the joints that were difficult to move due to pain 온라인비아그라구입처

What is the difference between massage and prescription therapy?

Because of the use of hands, massage and prescription therapy are often considered similar. However, manual therapy directly treats the ligaments, muscles, nerves, and joints that are problematic based on close examination and medical findings from medical staff. Massage, a form of rubbing muscles without medical observation, can temporarily relieve pain, but it is difficult to receive fundamental treatment.

How are chuna treatments different from potty treatments?

Chuna is a herbal medicine made by combining herbal medicine with the treatment of kyrofractic. Like manual therapy, hand therapy is used, but while hand therapy is a comprehensive treatment of bone-bearing muscles and ligaments, chuna treatment is mainly focused on pushing and pulling bones.

Sometimes it hurts even more after a prescription…

Pain or fatigue may be felt for two to three days after the prescription treatment, but this is a natural process that the body can recover itself and can appear after treatment.

How much do I need to get my prescription filled?

Recovery rates vary depending on individual patients’ age, physical strength, and immunity, so the number of prescription treatments also varies. Usually, if you receive about 5 to 10 times, the pain is relieved a lot.

Is there a separate organization that is certified for prescription therapy?

Manual therapy can be received in orthopedics, pain medicine, etc., and it should be checked whether a therapist with systematic training is conducted by an international certification institution, not a private institution. Please note that this way, we can expect safer and better results.

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Michael Taylor qualified for salary adjustment after the 2017 season

Choi Ji-man

I’d rather be a non-tender than an FA. 10 percent hitter FA Taylor $1.75 million contract for two years.

Choi Ji-man

After being traded from Milwaukee to Tampa Bay during the 2018 season, Choi Ji-man (Tempa Bay Race) played 40 games, batting .269 with eight home runs and 27 RBIs such as Altoran. The on-base percentage reached 0.370. According to the statistical company ‘Baseball Reference’, Choi Ji-man’s winning margin (WAR) was 1.1 compared to his replacement 토토사이트

In Major League Baseball (MLB), the value of each WAR is usually $8 million per WAR. In other words, Choi Ji-man has played more than $8 million.

Nevertheless, he received only 850,000 dollars. Because they already signed like that before the season.

Choi Ji-man then recorded a batting average of 0.261, 19 home runs and 63 RBIs in 127 games in the 2019 season. His on-base percentage was 0.363. WAR was 2. It was worth 16 million dollars.

However, Choi Ji-man again received only $850,000 in annual salary.

Competitors with less than three years of MLB service time must receive whatever the club gives them. Choi Ji-man, who had less than three years of service time, had to endure it.

Although he was somewhat sluggish in the 2020 season, he played between $3 million and $4 million with WAR 0.4.

At the end of the 2020 season, Choi Ji-man will finally be able to fill three years of service time and apply for salary adjustment. He earned his salary through negotiations with the club.

However, the Tampa Bay club offered Choi $1.85 million.

Michael Taylor qualified for salary adjustment after the 2017 season and signed with the Washington Nationals for $2.525 million. Prior to that, he received the lowest annual salary of $557,900.

He batted .271, 19 home runs and 53 RBIs in the 2017 season. His on-base percentage was 0.320. In the 2016 season, he batted .231 with seven RBIs and 16 RBIs. The on-base percentage was only 0,278. 2015
He batted .229 with 14 home runs and 63 RBIs during the season. His on-base percentage was 0.282.

In the 2018 season, Taylor hit a .227 batting average, six home runs and 28 RBIs. His on-base percentage was 0.287.

He signed with Washington for $3.25 million ahead of the 2019 season. Despite the poor performance, the annual salary has risen further.

However, he did not play a big part in the 2019 season. He batted .250 with only one home run in 53 games.

Washington signed Taylor for $3.25 million ahead of the 2020 season, the same as the 2019 season.

Taylor was struggling with a batting average of .10 during the 2020 season.

Washington finally pulled out the knife.

He was released as a non-tender ahead of the 2021 season.

Taylor, a free agent, signed with the Kansas City Royals for $1.75 million a year.

Tampa Bay is only $100,000 less than Choi Ji-man.

This is why some point out that Choi Ji-man might have been better off being released as a non-tender.

In other words, if he had become a free agent, there would have been many clubs that would have offered him more than $1.85 million.

This may be why Choi Ji-man posted a Pinocchio emoticon on his SNS and burst into “discontent.”

Tampa Bay can also be interpreted as not being a non-tender in order to use Choi Ji-man for a small salary.

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celebrities and remarried wives were daughters of Michelin’s restaurant

Ryu Dam

In May last year, non-celebrities and remarried wives were daughters of Michelin’s restaurant.

Ryu Dam

Comedian Ryu Dam remarried to a non-celebrity last year. Ryu Dam recently lost 40kg on a diet and gained attention for his unique history of sommelier, a traditional liquor.

According to a close aide to Ryu Dam on May 15, Ryu had a wedding ceremony with his wife, who was a non-celebrity, in May last year when only his family and relatives gathered in Seoul.

According to a source close to them, the two met by an acquaintance and formed a marriage relationship. In particular, Ryudam’s wife is known to be the daughter of Kim Do-young, who runs a “reverse hall” selected by Michelin Bib Gourmang for four consecutive years.

Earlier, Ryu Dam announced that he had recently obtained a certificate in sommelier, a traditional liquor. Ryu Dam is known to have become interested in traditional liquor after marriage due to the influence of his wife who runs a brewery in a restaurant. Ryu Dam has often shown himself making traditional liquor at the brewery in question on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ryu Dam starred in KBS1’s daily drama “Walk on the Flower Road,” which ended in April 2020.

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Ready-to-be-delivered delivery this year again. Han Hye-jin doesn’t raise

Han Hye-jin

Ready-to-be-delivered delivery this year again. Han Hye-jin doesn’t raise children these days, so she’s light.

Han Hye-jin

Han Hye-jin left a comical comment on her husband Ki Sung-yong’s Instagram, drawing attention.

On the 14th, soccer player Ki Sung-yong said on his Instagram, “We are delivering the package again this year. “Wait for me,” he posted a photo of his national team members. This seems to be the beginning of a perfect pass like a courier in soccer.

Han Hye-jin, who saw this, left a comment saying, “You must have gotten a lot lighter because you didn’t raise children these days,” making fans laugh.

Ki Sung-yueng said, “Working out is harder than parenting. Even if they complain in a cute way, “ma’am.”

Ki Sung-yueng also has a controversial dark history of writing on social media when he was a member of the national team.

Meanwhile, Han recently signed an exclusive contract with Ace Factory.

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A massage to try when your stomach hurts and you don’t


A massage to try when your stomach hurts and you don’t have a bowel movement.


Navel Centered Clockwise Massage

Put your palm on your right lower abdomen and twist it clockwise. I press it with a strength that won’t hurt my stomach. And then a little smaller 정품비아그라구매

Turn clockwise from the right next to the navel as if you are drawing a circle. Put your fists on the palate and flip them in the side-by side.

Then, sweep the entire boat up and down with your palm. Finally, he put both palms on his left lower abdomen and pushed them towards the anus.

C. Especially, older adults who have less movement in their intestines due to reduced nerve cells are better at massaging their abdomen. Abdominal acupressure.

It helps. Center your belly button, two fingers on both sides, four joints down, three joints on each side, and three knots on the other side.

You can press the poem. As the meridians and cystic veins gathered in the abdomen are under pressure, tension between the small intestine and the large intestine is relaxed and function is active, constipation is increased.

be relieved of

a steam bath in the lower abdomen

It is also recommended to put a warm towel on the lower abdomen, which is the area where the intestines are located. As blood circulation around the intestines becomes more desirable, the autonomic nervous system becomes more active.

It becomes active, which promotes bowel movement. In fact, the hospital has given people with high levels of intestinal gas a pouch containing hot water.

Keep it on your stomach. Then the bowel movement becomes active and the gas escapes. You’re actually targeting the elderly with constipation, both sides of the belly button and the bottom.

I warmed it up for 40 minutes and massaged it with my fingers four times 10 times a week, and the number of defecations increased about two times a week, and the bowels became soft.

Domestic studies show that the discomfort caused by constipation has been greatly reduced.

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Canna Kim Chang-dong fights with me from the tower to Cannes


Canna Kim Chang-dong fights with me from the tower to Cannes.


T1 and Damwon will meet in the third day of the spring season of “2020 League of Legend Champions Korea” on the 15th. Damwon, the 2020 champion, is still showing off his presence like an impregnable castle. He won the Kepa Cup with a strong spirit that didn’t fade at all. T1 will deal with this Damwon. In particular, Kim Chang-dong, the top “Kanna,” will meet his predecessor, Kim Dong-ha  fx마진거래

Damwon Kia filled the vacancy of director Lee Jae-min and coach Yang Dae-in with “kid” Kim Jung-kyun and “Pumandu” Lee Jung-hyun. On top of that, the vacancy of Jang Ha-kwon of “Raccoon” was filled by “Kan” Kim Dong-ha. Jang Ha-kwon of “Raccoon” showed the best form throughout the year, so the evaluation of weakening power is inevitable. However, Kim Dong-ha changed his suspicions to relief at the Kespa Cup.

Today, Kim Dong-ha’s opponent is Kim Chang-dong, T1. The meeting between Khan and Canna. The two players, which are one letter apart, are coincidentally recorded as full-time and successors in T1. Kim Dong-ha melted into T1 without any difficulties in the 2019 season and played well in the team play. Many questions followed whether Kim Chang-dong, a newcomer, could succeed. It might be a natural step since he performed well in the 2019 Spring and Summer.

However, ‘Kanna’ Kim Chang-dong perfectly played the 2020 spring season. He’s a rookie who just debuted. He got the nickname “Solkill Machine”. Kim Chang-dong, a Kannah T1 top solider in the 2015 season, surpassed the solo kill record of Jang Kyung-hwan. He became the fifth player to win the 2020 spring.

T1 Rookie of the Year and achieved RoheLoLoLoLoLoDol as soon as his debut. “Kana” Kim Chang-dong can no longer avoid a fight with “Kan” Kim Dong-ha and “I” himself.