Bitcoins, the highest point in history.

Bitcoin, which is a leading stock in cryptocurrency, is running toward its previous high of $13,000 ($13,000). It has taken a visible upward trend since late last month. The price is the highest in the last two years. It has risen below the market price of Bitcoin ‘Gwangpung’ that had been blowing between 2017 and 2018.

On the afternoon of the 10th, the price of Bitcoin surpassed $12,000 based on 2000. The upward trend has continued since it surpassed the $10,000 mark on June 27. While fluctuating for two weeks, Bitcoin’s value surpassed its highest point since December 2017.

Bitcoin reached $13,800 in December 2017. It has created a trend to invest in so-called “cryptocurrency” by spending new high prices. But the craze did not last long. Bitcoin, which had reached its peak, has fallen sharply since then. It sank to 3,500 dollars in January 2019. The value of bitcoin has been reduced by a quarter in a year. Bitcoin surpassed $10,000 in June of the same year, but has since hovered below $10,000.

Side effects of sudden increase in bitcoin value were huge. Governments around the world as well as South Korea have introduced regulations on cryptocurrency.

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