BTS Jimin’s “Self-Camera” Global Popularity Every Day

The selfie photos of Jimin released by the group BTS Jimin on its official Twitter account have become a hot topic day after day.

Jimin’s tweet was hot enough to reach 1 million “likes” in an instant, followed by quick reports from major media outlets and foreign media.

U.S. daily USA TODAY editor Fatima Farha tweeted, “I’m so glad you posted the picture! I’m crying,” she replied, and then wrote “I’m sorry I’m excited” with exclamations on her Twitter account, expressing her fan sentiment toward Jimin.

“My life is divided before and after I saw Jimin’s picture,” said “Ellie Bate,” an Internet media outlet, and another BuzzFeed British journalist, Ikran Dahir, also expressed his affection by quoting Jimin’s tweet.

Noel Devoy, editor of the North American entertainment media Elite Daily, who has consistently expressed special affection for Jimin, also quoted Jimin’s tweet photo. He showed off his unwavering affection.

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