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World No. 1 Shin Jin-seo 12th Shaker and Ng Si-bae

Shin Jin-seo

World No. 1 Shin Jin-seo 12th Shaker and Ng Si-bae

Shin Jin-seo

Shin Jin-seo, the world’s No. 1 player in Go Ratings, defeated 37th-ranked Zhao Chen-yu (China) 8th-dan with a one-and-a-half victory in 277 seconds on the 12th and advanced to the final of Ngsi-bae, called the Baduk Olympics. The winner will be determined by the third time when the schedule will be announced later.

The third semi-final of the 9th NCSI World Professional Baduk Championships was held as an online giant to prevent the spread of Corona 19. Shin Jin-seo won his first championship with two consecutive victories following the 211st victory in the first country on Tuesday 먹튀토토

The world’s 12th-ranked Sheker (China) 8th-dan also defeated the 10th-ranked Ichiriki Ryo (Japan) 9th-dan to join the final of the NCSV World Professional Baduk Championships. Attention is focusing on whether Shin Jin-seo, the 9th grader, will be able to avenge his defeat in the 2017 world’s rookie baduk strongest match by Shaker 8th Dan in four years.

The two were of the same age in 2000. It is the first time in the history of the Pro Baduk World Championship that knights who were not born in 1900 are competing for the championship.

Korea is aiming for its sixth career championship at the NCSV World Professional Baduk Championships. Starting with Cho Hoon-hyun, the first champion, Seo Bong-soo, Yoo Chang-hyuk, Lee Chang-ho, and Choi Chul-han experienced the top nine.

With Shin Jin-seo passing the semi-final, South Korea continued its march to the final of the NCSV World Professional Baduk Championship. China is trying to produce its fourth winner, following Chang Ha-ha, Fan Ting-yu, and Tang Wei-shing’s ninth dan.

Established in 1988, NCSI uses the NCSL, which was designed by the late Ying Chang-chi. The Nsirul, also known as the Jeonjeon Law, is an eight-point (seven-piece) rule that determines the outcome by not being a home.

The NCSV World Professional Championships has 400,000 dollars (about 440 million won), the highest amount for a single Go tournament. The runner-up will receive 100,000 dollars (110 million won).

The time limit is 3 hours, and the additional time given instead of the countdown is 20 minutes, and two penalty points can be deducted (a total of 2 times, 3 times a time loss) for 1 use.

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Jun Jin and Ryu Seo Penthouse Season 2 Special Appearance

Jun Jin

Jun Jin and Ryu Seo Penthouse Season 2 Special Appearance

Jun Jin

Jun Jin and Ryu Seo will make a special appearance in “Penthouse.”

An official from a drama bureau told the daily Sports on the 4th, “Jeonjin and Ryu E-seo will help with a special appearance in the first episode of the SBS drama ‘Penthouse’ season 2.”

They will appear as a couple in the royal family at a party held after Kim Hyun-soo’s performance in the drama. The recording was already finished on the 2nd. Jun Jin has been working in mythologies in the past and has acted in both roles, making his first appearance in a drama in a long time. His wife, Ryu I-seo, said, “It’s my first time acting, but I followed the lead of Jun Jin and showed a natural appearance.”

“Penthouse” will end its first season after the broadcast on the 5th. Yoo Jin (Oh Yoon-hee) was found to have killed Cho Soo-min (Min Seol-ah), and it is curious how the tangled relationship will be resolved, including the divorce of Kim So-yeon (Cheon Seo-jin) and Yoon Jong-hoon (Ha Yoon-chul) and the revengeful relationship of Um Ki-ji (Joo) and Shim Soo-ryeon).

Season 2 will premiere in February. The time zone will also be changed from the existing Monday-Tuesday drama to the Friday-Tuesday drama. It’s a sequel to ‘Fly Sky’ that’s currently airing. In season 2, all the actors will appear, and various cameos and the husband of Shin Eun-kyung (Kang Mari) will also appear, showing new contents.

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KAIST President Sung-cheol Shin was eliminated as the next candidate


Shin Sung-chul, president of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), failed to make the final three times as many candidates as the board of directors in the next presidential election. Accordingly, in February next year, the KAIST board of directors will decide one of the following: Kyung Jong-min (67), honorary professor of electrical and electronic engineering, Kim Jung-ho (59), professor of electrical and electronic engineering, and Lee Kwang-hyung (66), vice president of bioengineering (in alphabetical order).

Marking the 50th anniversary of KAIST’s opening next year, the next president of the four-year term will take the heavy responsibility of commercializing education, research and technology to create future food items for the Republic of Korea from March 1.

KAIST’s presidential nomination committee said Thursday that it has decided to recommend three of the six candidates to the board of directors at a Seoul hotel the previous day. Han Min-koo, president of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Kim Yi-hwan, president of the UST, Choi Won-ho, chairman of the KAIST faculty council, Min Kyung-chan, professor at Yonsei University, and Kang Sang-wook, director of the Future Talent Bureau at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Honorary Professor Kyung Jong-min is the head of KAIST’s Smart IT Convergence System Research Group, Professor Kim Jung-ho, who ranked first in the professor’s vote, is the head of KAIST’s Global Strategy Research Institute, the head of KAIST-Samsung Electronics Industry-Academic Cooperation Center, and Honorary Professor Lee Hyung is the vice president of KAIST’s School of Education.

The Ministry of Science and ICT has asked the presidential office of senior presidential secretary for civil affairs to verify the three candidates’ personnel appointments, and the results of verification of the increase are expected to be released as early as February next year. In particular, the board of directors is expected to hold the 50th anniversary of KAIST’s opening on February 16 next year under the auspices of Shin. The board of directors (15), which is headed by former Deputy Prime Minister Kim Woo-sik, will recommend candidates who have won a majority of the directors present to the Minister of Science and ICT as candidates for president, 안전놀이터 and the Minister of Science and Technology will approve them as presidents with the consent of the Minister of Education.

Meanwhile, Shin, who will serve his term until the end of February next year, received attention as the first alumni president (KAIST Master of Physics) in early 2017, but failed to overcome his strained relationship with the incumbent administration after controversy over his “picture of former government science personnel.” He became the first president from within 13 years from outside leaders such as Robert Laughlin, Suh Nam-pyo, and Kang Sung-mo, but regained his honor after being indicted by the Ministry of Science and ICT on charges of misappropriating research funds when he was president of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST).

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Neighbors protest noise while raising pets

The number of pet-related complaints in Seoul amounts to 40,000 a year. The city estimates that the 2017 survey figure would have been much higher now.

If you classify numerous complaints by type, reporting on abandoned animals is the best. Next is the conflict between “cat mom” who takes care of street cats and residents of apartment houses, and “petiquette” (a combination of pet “pet” referring to pets and etiquette referring to etiquette) accounts for the third most complaints.

The number of abandoned animals in Seoul during the year is 7,500. Organic animals can be knotted at a line that protects them until they are rescued and sent elsewhere, but the noise of street cats and pets is different.

In particular, the cry of an unneutralized female cat is similar to that of an infant, and there are constant complaints that “it sounds like a ghost somewhere.”

Pet noise is very similar to the issue of noise between floors of apartments. In the case of noise between floors, if the child’s footsteps are the cause, the child can be warned, but dogs and cats are more difficult because they cannot be controlled. An official at the Seoul Animal Welfare Center said, “There is often an unanswered conversation between the lower and upper houses of the apartment, ‘I can’t sleep because of my dog,’ and ‘Do you want me to throw away my precious property?’ “If you want to get along with your neighbor, you have to give advice not to have soundproofing facilities or raising pets.”

Pet noise leads to the problem of animal abandonment. This is because they are forced to produce “cute owners” who enter their homes because they like cute baby animals and are forced to abandon them as conflicts with their neighbors grow due to noise problems.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s animal protection department, one-third of the animals abandoned each year go back to their original owners’ arms and one-third are adopted by other owners, while the rest are killed in the rescue process. 정품비아그라  Some 2,000 animals that have been detained for a long period of time due to failure to find their owners are euthanized. The legal deadline to protect the owner is 10 days, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government will extend the acceptance up to 20 days. Euthanasia is determined in such cases as the accepted animal being highly aggressive or unlikely to reestablish friendly relations with humans.

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Drive-through stores in 280 Starbucks nationwide


Starbucks Coffee Korea (CEO Song Ho-seop)’s non-face-to-face service drive through is rapidly growing.

As the culture of non-face-to-face consumption has been established due to the strengthening of social distance from Corona 19, the drive-through service, which orders quickly and safely in cars, is gaining huge popularity. Recently, My DT Pass service, which automatically pays when entering a drive-through store just by registering a car, has become popular due to convenience and time saving.

Starbucks announced on the 9th that the number of registered members of My DT Pass service has exceeded 1.5 million. My DT Pass is a system that automatically pays with Starbucks cards when ordering drive-throughs through pre-registered vehicle information by Starbucks Reward members.

If you order a drink in advance through Starbucks’ own pre-order app, “Siren Order,” and enter the drive-through entrance in a registered car, the registered vehicle number will be recognized and automatically paid on Starbucks cards (pre-paid cards) or some credit cards linked to the siren order. Customers can only receive drinks without cumbersome payment procedures and go out right away.

Starbucks first introduced the My DT Pass service in June 2018. The cumulative number of members registered for My DT Pass service exceeded 1.5 million as of December after surpassing 1 million in April this year.

Drive-through stores are also growing rapidly. 먹튀사이트 In the January-November period this year, the number of orders using vehicles at drive-through stores rose 46 percent from the same period last year. Among them, the number of orders made through My DT Pass increased by 53 percent during the same period, with four out of 10 customers using My DT Pass.

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Immunity effect 10 days after the first dose of Pfizer vaccine

Immunization effect 10 days after the first injection of the pfizer vaccine

According to major foreign media on the 9th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new report saying that the Corona 19 vaccine developed by Huiza will be effective in preventing the Corona 19 virus 10 days after the first injection.
The FDA’s report was released two days before the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee meeting was held on Saturday. The FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee will decide Tuesday on emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine in the United States.

The FDA analyzed Hua’s clinical three-phase data on about 44,000 people in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Turkey. About half of them were vaccinated and the other half were inoculated with placebo and both groups were given two doses every 21 days.

Clinical results showed that 10 days after the first inoculation, the symptoms of corona 19 were significantly reduced compared to the control group administered placebo. This means that one inoculation alone has some preventive effect on Corona 19. According to the New York Times (NYT), it is important to be vaccinated twice because it is not known how long the preventive effect from one dose will last. According to the FDA report, 52 percent of vaccinations are after the first inoculation and 95 percent after the second inoculation.

It also showed that there were no safety issues related to the side effects of the pfizer vaccine. About 84% of clinical participants reported pain in the area where inoculation was given. 63 percent said they felt tired and 38 percent complained of muscle pain. Chills and joint pain were 32 percent and 23 percent, respectively, while only 14 percent complained of fever. It is analyzed that such minor side effects are more common during the second inoculation than during the first inoculation. 토토커뮤니티 Each side effect lasts about one to two days, the survey showed.

The U.S. CNBC reported that the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee may announce its emergency approval within a few days after the meeting on the 10th (local time).

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SNS ‘Shock’ in Chinese version of “Little Bride”

An 18-year-old high school student and a 14-year-old middle school student married in China, causing a stir on social media. As the Chinese version of the “Young Bride” became known, Internet users strongly criticized the parents’ sense of law.

According to 닷 on the 7th, a short video clip of a couple having dinner at Guiyu, a rural village in Santou, Guangdong Province, was posted on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) on the 26th of last month. It was the scene of a wedding reception between Lumo, a high school sophomore, and Zhuang, a middle school freshman. The two first met on an Internet chat program and fell in love. After that, they quit school and married with the permission of their parents. Their parents said they decided that they were old enough to get married according to Chinese early marriage customs. The video shook the continent with more than 500 million views.

Under the current law, China’s legal marriage age is 22 for men and 20 for women. Asked by reporters, “Didn’t you know that marriage was illegal?” Lu’s family said, “Because they said they wanted to marry each other. I didn’t know there was a problem with their marriage.

Netizens lashed out at the parents in Weibo and other places. Opinions such as “I can’t be forgiven for not knowing much about the law,” “How long do parents of both families think this marriage can last?” and “Are parents in their right minds who allow a young girl to get married only 14 years old?” were poured out. In the end, Chaoyang-gu, Santouxi, where the “young bride” lives, officially announced on the 28th that “the marriage of these students is invalid.” After calling in the parents of both families to explain the marriage-related laws, she sent the girl back home. He also advised them to “go back to school and finish their studies.”

As the controversy grew, Lu’s grandmother shed tears in a media interview, saying, “I was too old to know (that early marriage) was illegal.”

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From soaring house prices to the burden of welfare

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission is considering ways to improve the “middle pay calculation system,” which has emerged as an issue in the real estate market due to rising housing prices.

As the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission is expected to recommend the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to improve the system if it comes up with policy measures, attention is being paid to whether the government will revise the brokerage fee system.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission collected public opinions on housing brokerage services through its website from July 2 to 13. As a result, 53 percent of the total 2,478 respondents said the brokerage fee was too heavy.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission said Monday that it is reviewing four policy measures based on these results.

The first measure is to divide the transaction section into seven stages, multiply the corresponding rate by section with a sale price of 1.2 billion won or less, deduct the progressive difference, and add the progressive difference to the sale price of 1.2 billion won or more.

For example, the government will deduct 1.5 million won after applying the repair rate of 0.7 percent for housing transactions between 900 million won and 1.2 billion won, and apply 0.4 percent for housing transactions between 1.2 billion won and 1.8 billion won before adding 2.1 million won.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission also came up with a plan to deduct or add progressive differences after applying the corresponding rate for each section based on 900 million won for lease contracts.

The second plan is to deduct progressive differences for each section of houses with sales of 1.2 billion won or less, or 900 million won or less, for houses with a lease of 900 million won or less, but to discuss the upper and lower rates within the scope of the excess.

The third option is to apply a 파워볼사이트 single rate system or a single flat rate system of not more than 0.5% for sale and not more than 0.4% for the previous month’s tax.

The fourth plan is to guarantee the authority of authorized brokers to decide who will pay for brokerage maintenance within the brokerage rate (0.3 percent to 0.9 percent) and to pay differential costs in consideration of the brokerage market situation.

The plan calls for the buyer to make the decision by taking into account all the situations in which the seller has an upper hand due to a lack of sales and the large number of sales.

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Cho Doo-soon’s house in the middle of elementary, middle and high school… Are you really okay?

On the 3rd, announcer Cho posted a message on her Instagram account, saying, “I came to work in the neighborhood where Cho Doo-soon moved,” adding, “When I came to the scene, the neighborhood where I moved is in the middle of elementary school, high school, children’s library, and kindergarten.”
He then expressed frustration, saying, “I am considering only follow-up measures to move out of Cho Doo-soon’s original house with a lot of budget.”

Announcer Cho said, “What have you been doing for 12 years? As a mother of a child, I can’t pass it by, so I leave a message. Is it okay for Cho Doo-soon to live in the middle of many children? The residents are guilty of something,” he added.

“Cho Doo-soon will be released from prison next week. She writes as a mother, not as a social worker. This is not a specific area problem. Is our neighborhood really okay?” pinching.

Cho Doo-soon, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault in 2008, will be released from prison on July 13.

Cho, who joined KBS as an announcer for the 31st public recruitment in 2005, has been hosting “News A” on Channel A since last year.

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It was more difficult than last year, high difficulty problems such as calculus

In the second period of the 2021 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), which took place on the 3rd, the math section that students in the humanities and social sciences usually take was similar to last year, and the family type that students in the science and natural sciences usually take was more difficult than last year.

In an online briefing held by the Korean Council for University Education Counseling and Counseling, Cho Man-ki, a teacher at Pangyo High School in Gyeonggi Province, said, “The level of difficulty must have been a little less burdensome for students as it was set at a level similar to last September’s mock test and last year’s CSAT.” “The blank reasoning or fractal questions that students felt the most pressure on the previous year’s CSAT were not presented this year.” In particular, he said, “Middle and lower-level students would feel difficult, but students in the upper-middle class would have felt flat compared to the September mock test or last year’s CSAT.” However, Type 20 questions, which can be solved only by knowing the relationship between differential and integral, and Type 30 questions, which have to be checked by dividing the absolute value, and the defined functions, and the differential and continuity, were selected as new types and high-level questions.

On the other hand, some experts said that the exam was more difficult than last year’s College Scholastic Ability Test and September’s mock test in September this year. Kim Jung-hwan, a teacher at Hyehwa Girls’ High School in Daegu, who is a member of the College Entrance Counseling Team, said, “As the process of solving questions for middle-level students has been somewhat prolonged, it may have been difficult for middle-level students to arrange time, and the geometric questions have been asked as calculus questions, so the top students must have felt somewhat difficult.” In particular, among the 20s, 21s, 29s and 30s, 토토사이트  which are so-called “killer questions,” which are presented to give discrimination against the top ranks, the calculation was complicated due to calculus-related problems, and the 28th question that needs to be applied was considered difficult. Teacher Kim said, “(A type of high-level questions) Not only did the number of high-level questions increase by one or two, but the solving process itself must have felt difficult because students spent more time than usual.”

Unlike in previous years, this year’s CSAT math section was the first test to be applied to the 2015 revised curriculum. As a result, geometry and vectors were excluded from the required range of questions, instead of math I, calculus probability, and statistics. In the case of Math Type B, the test was given in the probability and statistics of Mathematics I  Mathematics II, and the aesthetic I, which was presented last year, was excluded. Oh Seok-seok, a teacher at Somyeong Girls’ High School in Gyeonggi Province, who was in charge of the general review of the CSAT’s math section for 2021, said, “The revised curriculum has reduced the contents by about 10 percent, but rather than making it easier, we can see that the questions that require in-depth thinking and application skills in the curriculum have been presented with discrimination due to their difficulty.” He also commented, “In both type A and type B, the ratio of EBS-linked questions is relatively low, so the difficulty of feeling can be formed high.”

Admission companies also analyzed that “Math A type has a high level of difficulty in feeling, and Type Na was easy compared to the mock test in June and September and last year’s CSAT.”

Lee Young-deok, head of the Daesung Institute for Education Development, said, “Mathematics Ga and B type were all similar to last year’s CSAT, and the overall level of difficulty felt is likely to have been similar to last year due to the increased difficulty of the remaining questions except killer questions.” Lim Sung-ho, CEO of Jongno Academy, said, “Mathematics A type has many difficult problems, so there will be a considerable difference in the level of difficulty between the upper and middle classes,” adding, “In Mathematics B type, the questions of the index and trigonometric functions newly added to the test range this year were also relatively plain.