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Personal information leakage through hacking of Kakao ‘Ground One’

Ground One, an affiliate of Kakao Blockchain technology, belatedly announced that more than 2,000 cases of personal information leakage occurred on the 8th of last month. Ground One is a local subsidiary of Kakao’s block chain, Ground X.

Ground One sent an e-mail to the customer on the 2nd to notify them of the personal information leak. According to the company on the 2nd, it infiltrated its cloud-based document management system with a public cloud account stolen by an unidentified outsider through hacking around 3 p.m. on the 8th of last month and stole files for work. This included personal information of 2,000 people, including names, e-mails and phone numbers.

“The names, mobile phone numbers, and e-mails of newsletters, including media lists, officials from partner companies, and offline event attendees, were leaked,” said an official at Ground One. “Customer information of Clayton, our own block chain platform, was not leaked.”

However, strong criticism has been raised over the announcement of the personal information leak that occurred on April 8. They say that the situation has been enough to cause damage to those whose personal information has been leaked. The company explained that it was delayed in the process of conducting internal security precautions to prevent further damage. After the accident, the company reportedly reported it to related agencies such as the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and took measures to prevent recurrence, including blocking access to leaked accounts, strengthening internal security and controlling IP.

Ground One said, “We have not yet confirmed any cases of abuse of leaked information,” but added, “Please pay special attention to voice phishing, spam text messages and illegal telemarketing suspected of abusing the information.” He also apologized, saying, “We will improve our internal information protection management system, including strengthening privacy measures, to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.”

Ground One was established in 2018 by Kakao to run the Ground X Blockchain business in Korea after Japan. Based on the block chain platform ‘Clayton’, it released its mobile version of ‘Clip’ in June. The clip was posted on Kakao Talk.

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Why did the reporter covering Kim Yeon-kyung borrow money from the volleyball coach?

A citizen reporter who repeatedly asked professional volleyball coaches to lend him money for private reasons was belatedly criticized. This is the story of OhmyNews citizen reporter who covers national and international professional volleyball.

Reporter L, a citizen reporter for OhmyNews, asked several incumbent directors to lend him millions of won from 2015 to 2018. “I remember it as 2015,” said A, the manager of men’s professional volleyball. “I asked him to lend me 5 million won by phone, telling him that something bad happened to my family,” he said. “I called him a few times, but I was embarrassed because he didn’t see me at all. I asked my acquaintances about it and said it was difficult to call them back and lend them to them.

B, who served as a volleyball coach, also said, “In a phone call in January 2018, reporter L suddenly said he needed money, saying his mother was hospitalized,” and added, “So he deposited 1 million won.” I asked him to lend me additional money right after a while, and he refused then,” he said.

In addition to coach A and B, reporter L asked several volleyball coaches to lend him money. It is understood that he asked a manager who had just joined the team to lend 3 million won by phone in 2017 and another director 1 million won by 2018. They have never seen reporter L or have only seen him once or twice while passing the stadium. Han, who did not comply with the reporter’s request, once told a fellow acquaintance that “there was a bad article about our team.” The common reaction of directors who were asked for money was that they were “frustrated by the demands of those who had never met before.”

A reporter’s request to lend money to a reporter could be against the ethics of reporting. The ethics code of the Journalists Association of Korea states that the reporter’s status should not be used to make unfair profits. If he were not a volleyball reporter, it would not have been easy to talk to and contact volleyball coaches. The fact that reporter L contacted several volleyball coaches due to financial problems belatedly emerged as a problem because there was a consensus that public debate was needed as there was a common testimony that “I also received an absurd request from reporter L” during the communication process between the coach and sports reporters.

Reporter L said in a telephone interview on the 27th of last month, “It was three years ago. “At that time, it was a personal emergency, with my father dead and my mother suddenly collapsing,” he said. “I still regret calling some directors. No matter how urgent and difficult the situation may be, I shouldn’t have called the director,” he said.

“I don’t have any money I borrowed except for the idea that one of the directors helped me out knowing the circumstances,” reporter L said. “If you ask me to pay back now, I will pay you back as much as I can. I’ve mainly covered news of overseas volleyball and articles about Kim Yeon-koung, and I haven’t written a lot of articles about domestic volleyball or coaches,” he explained. Reporter L apologized to B on the 1st after the media today’s coverage and paid back 1 million won in borrowed money.

“While studying volleyball, I was proud to report each and every article,” L said. “I have never written an article aimed at influencing domestic directors.”

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Trump is stubborn and attends Biden’s inauguration

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham told President Donald Trump that he should attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Attention is focusing on whether President Donald Trump, who still refuses to accept defeat, will attend the inauguration ceremony scheduled for January 20 next year.

According to The Hill, a political media outlet, on the 30th (local time), Graham said, “If the results of the presidential election end with Biden’s victory, President Trump should attend the inauguration ceremony (of Biden),” adding, “I think it would be good for President Trump himself and for the country.”

Graham’s advice is interpreted as meaning to accept Biden’s victory to President Trump, who has been protesting the outcome of the presidential election by preaching conspiracy theories of “negative election.” Graham is considered a leading pro-Trump lieutenant in the U.S. Republican Party.

The inauguration ceremony of the U.S. president usually features a former president who leaves the White House and a newly-elected president-elect. It is a bipartisan tradition to symbolize a peaceful transfer of power. This tradition has never been broken since George Washington, the first president of the United States, attended the inauguration of his successor, John Adams. President Trump himself also appeared at his inauguration ceremony with former President Barack Obama.

However, President Trump’s nearly month-long campaign dissatisfaction raises the possibility that the tradition will be broken for the first time in U.S. history. When asked whether he would attend the inauguration ceremony if Biden was confirmed as the winner on the 26th of last month, President Trump also avoided giving an immediate answer, saying, “I don’t want to talk yet.”

In addition to Graham, there are growing calls within the Republican Party that President Trump should accept the election results. Senator Roy Blunt appeared on CNN the previous day and said, 정품비아그라 “President Trump is refusing to call Biden the president-elect, but I hope he will show up at the inauguration.”

Senator Rob Portman also criticized Trump in an article contributed to local media last week, saying, “The final vote count will not change in any state,” adding, “President Trump’s side has failed to provide convincing evidence that fraudulent elections have been rampant.”

Despite such negative public opinion, President Trump is determined not to accept the election results by continuing to develop “don’t ask” lawsuits. However, President Trump is in a tight spot as he has certified Biden’s victory in a series of key races that have raised suspicions of rigged elections. Earlier, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada ruled in favor of Biden after a verification process. Arizona also confirmed Biden’s victory on the same day.

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Shocking Chinese Baby Trade

The revelation that illegal transactions of buying and selling babies in Internet chat rooms in China are still prevalent is shocking Chinese society.

Xinhua News Agency, China, on Tuesday introduced the ruling of the People’s Court of Baywyn District in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, along with the status of Chinese baby human trafficking chat rooms.

“I originally had a family, but I got divorced because of work and I have two children. I met my girlfriend 2 years ago and I have a son who is 10 months old. Not long ago, she took all the money as she left. I can’t do anything with the children.”

Hwang told the story in the QQ chat room “SL Class Friends Meeting,” a Chinese messenger with about 300 people, saying he would sell his 10-month-old son. Hwang, the main character of the article, paid 50 yuan (about 8,500 won) to join the chat room and posted a message lamenting his situation. He said he would receive between 60,000 yuan (about 10 million won) and 100,000 yuan (about 17 million won) in deposit and make a deal on the condition that he will not contact his child even if he grows older.

Mr. and Mrs. Deng were thinking of adopting after their marriage when they didn’t have a baby, but after seeing Hwang’s story, they decided to adopt. He decided that he could adopt a child in a clean and legal way after receiving confirmation from his biological father.

But all Hwang’s stories were false. Hwang decided to join a chat room and sell his 10-month-old child behind his girlfriend’s back in January this year.

The girlfriend, who had been arguing with Hwang and left the house, returned home shortly afterwards and found her son missing. The girlfriend reported Hwang to the police, and Hwang was put on trial. The People’s Court in Baiyun-gu, Guangzhou, confiscated 60,000 yuan from selling babies from Huang and sentenced him to six years in prison and a fine of 40,000 yuan.