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Yoo Jae-seok, the beautiful radio star of Aiki Yoo Jae-seok

Yoo Jae-seok

Yoo Jae-seok, the beautiful radio star of Aiki Yoo Jae-seok.

Yoo Jae-seok

Dancer Aiki is on Radio Star. What do you do when you play?It tells the behind-the-scenes story of the choreography creation of Don’t Touch Me by its refund expedition. Aiki is expected to recall the moment she received a call from Yoo Jae-seok when she was slightly out of her mind after the broadcast, raising curiosity.

Aiki, who has a manish charm, will reinterpret the girl group Girls’ Generation’s hit song “Gee” in her own color and perform a cover dance with Ahn Young-mi’s trademark “Heart Dance” to capture the hearts of viewers.

MBC’s high-quality talk show “Radio Star” (planned by Ahn Soo-young/director Kang Sung-ah), scheduled to air at 10:20 p.m. on the 27th, will feature “Red Flavor~ Curious Sister” with spicy older sisters Kang Joo-eun, Kim So-yeon, Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon and Aiki.

Aiki is a global dancer who received attention from overseas countries first. Aiki appeared on a famous dance survival program in the U.S., drawing much attention from Jennifer Lopez. In Korea, it gained fame by releasing idol dance cover contents such as BTS in its own color. What do you do when you play?As a dancer selected by Yoo Jae-seok of “Don’t Touch Me,” he produced the choreography of “Don’t Touch Me” by the refund expedition.

Along with the behind-the-scenes story of the choreography of the refund expedition, Aiki will reveal Yoo Jae-seok’s beautiful story of “Yu-neun” to steal attention. “I think I had high expectations because my sisters were the top class,” he said. “I was slightly out of my mind after the first broadcast.” At that time, Yoo Jae-seok comforted Aiki for controversy over her unexpected response. Aiki said that she will reveal a word from Yoo Jae-seok, which she personally called and handed to him, which raises questions.

One of the members of the refund expedition will then make a surprise appearance as an informant of Aiki’s charm. One of the members of the refund expedition is said to have shown his affection for Aiki, saying, “Even the movements that are not special have a unique feel.”

As praised, Aiki will entertain viewers with her unique groovy and witty stage parade. First, Aiki, who was usually a fan of Hyoyeon, performed a cover dance that reinterpreted Girls’ Generation’s hit song “Gee” in her own color, making Hyoyeon happy.

He will also be on the “Radio Star” stage with dance crews to set up a stage where energy and excitement explode. In particular, Aiki makes everyone excited by MC Ahn Young-mi’s trademark “Heart Dance” with a sensational performance from time to time on stage, making the main broadcast even more awaited.

In addition, Aiki confessed, “I got married in 10 months when I was 24 years old,” revealing the story of her 9-year-old daughter’s “mother’s pride,” and even confessed her unexpected concern, surprising the MCs.

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It’s a new kind of Louis-Boss tea We don’t have caffeine


It’s a new kind of Louis-Boss tea.


We don’t have caffeine.

Louisboss naturally grows without any caffeine. This is very important because it means that no chemical treatment is needed to remove caffeine. Also, this means anyone can drink the tea, even anyone who doesn’t want to drink caffeine like a child or a pregnant woman. Another advantage of caffeine-free is that there is no limit to the amount of this car. In South Africa, people drink 5-6 cups a day 비아그라파는곳

It has a strong antioxidant component.

Louibos tea has many antioxidants. It serves to protect the body in many ways. Louiboscha contains high concentrations of polyphenol antioxidants called asparacin and notophagin. These antioxidants protect our bodies by fighting against the unstable cells that attack healthy cells to stabilize ourselves. Also, polyphenols have anti-inflammatory ingredients and can protect our bodies against heart disease.

Helps prevent some cancers.

We studied the relationship between Louis-Boscha drinking and cancer-causing chemical reduction because it has strong antioxidants with anticancer properties. This ingredient prevents cells and genes from being damaged and inhibits the development of cancer.

It has abundant minerals.

Luibos tea has many minerals that are essential for health. They include magnesium, essential for the nervous system, calcium and manganese, metabolism-critical zinc, and iron, essential for helping blood and muscles carry oxygen.

Improves blood circulation.

One of the many powerful antioxidants in Louiboscha is called Chysoerio, which improves blood circulation by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that cause cardiovascular disease. Also, Luiboscha drinking is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Relieve the burden on the stomach.

Louibos tea contains a lot of flavonoids. One of these is quercetin, which relieves many abdominal diseases such as cramps, diarrhea and indigestion. Flavonoids are known as antioxidants that help reduce cramps, inflammation, and allergies. Also, Louibos tea has the effect of reducing severe stomachaches in babies. Louibos tea is entirely caffeine-free. So it’s safe for everyone.

It helps absorb iron.

While tannins in black tea prevent the body from absorbing iron in black tea, Luiboscha helps the body absorb iron. Louibos tea’s tannin content is less than half that of black tea.

It helps your skin condition.

According to a recent study, Luiboscha can help you look more beautiful. Luiboscha contains phenylpyretic acid, which can help improve acne, dry bugs, eczema, etc. You can stabilize the inflammation and treat it by putting a freshly lowered tea bag on the problematic area.

It’s good for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Regular drinking of Louibos tea can protect against processes known as fatty oxidation. This happens when active oxygen damages brain cells and nerve tissue. If this persists, it can lead to progressive brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

It helps you sleep soundly.

Luibos tea is very unique in that you can drink whenever you want during the day. Many people drink Louibos tea before going to bed to relieve insomnia. Thanks to its rich minerals and caffeine-free nature, Luiboscha helps people feel calm and comfortable.

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What’s that luxury bag with Amy Netizens’ attention was focused on the

luxury bag

What’s that luxury bag with Amy?

luxury bag

Netizens’ attention was focused on the luxury bag that the broadcaster Amy listened to when she arrived.

Amy arrived at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 20th. Unlike when he was forced to leave Korea five years ago, he looked as if he had gained weight. Amy came into the country wearing the same clothes as when she was forced to leave the country, drawing attention.

Especially eye-catching is his designer bag. It is known that it is not easy to find Hermes Birkin bags, which are sold at around KRW 16 million in Korea. Kim Hee-ae brought the bag on JTBC’s “The World of Couples” and drew attention. It is used as a means of financial technology as it is still traded at a high premium in the resale market.

Earlier, Amy was sentenced to eight months in prison with a two-year suspension after she was found to have taken propofol in 2012. The immigration authorized Amy to stay after receiving two compliance vows, but he was forced to leave the country in late December 2015 when he was fined for taking Zolpidem again in 2014.

Amy, whose entry ban period expired, entered the country on the 20th. Asked by reporters how he felt about his arrival, he said, “What should I say? I can’t express it. I still can’t believe it. I only thought about meeting my family. First of all, the five-year ban has ended, and I want to be with my family and I want to start anew. I don’t have any plans. I will tell you later on.

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I’ll show you how squid works and how to choose


I’ll show you how squid works and how to choose.


<Squid Effect>

The white powder on the surface of the dried squid is a taurine component, and the squid contains these taurine ingredients, which is effective in building immunity. These taurine components also improve liver function and are good for fatigue recovery 비아그라구매

In addition, taurine is good for preventing dementia by improving cognitive ability as well as controlling the substance that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Squid helps prevent vascular diseases by lowering cholesterol levels.

Squid contains selenium, which is known to prevent various diseases and have anti-cancer effects along with antioxidant effects.

Most of the calories in squid are made up of protein, which is good for dieters.

How to Pick Squid

Squid has a milky white body, glossy yet transparent body, and elastic body.

<Food of the Match>

Squids lack vitamin A, and if they are cooked and taken with carrots stir-fried in oil, they can supplement vitamin A, which is good for nutritional compatibility.

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Faker Lee Sang-hyuk, the center of T1, though less glamorous


Faker Lee Sang-hyuk, the center of T1, though less glamorous.


There are some guys in our team who can score points. I don’t have to be a part of the team.”

It is a famous line of Byun Deok-gyu, the captain of Neungnam, in the basketball cartoon “Slam Dunk.” Byun Deok-gyu is a dedicated leader who does bad things and throws himself away for the team. In T1, “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk plays this role 안전놀이터

“T1 will face Gen.G. E-Sports, which is currently in first place in the second week of the second week of the League of Legends Champions Korea 2021 Spring, which will be held online on the 21st.” T1 showed the team’s two colors in the last two games, alternating between “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk and “Closer” Lee Joo-hyun.

Lee Sang-hyuk started the 2021 season by starting against Damwon Kia on the 15th. Lee Sang-hyuk, who chose Azir for all three sets with Damwon, won the first place in the second and third sets against “Showmaker” Heo Soo, and helped his allies by holding the center of the game with Lee Min-hyung’s pentakil of Kumayushi, collapsing the opponent’s lineup with the ultimate in each battle. Despite his defeat, Lee Sang-hyuk and T1’s performance against Damwon was more than expected.

Lee Sang-hyuk is currently a nine-year veteran. “In his debut, he led the team to victory with splendor and aggressive play, but now he has played numerous competitions and shows his play to center the team based on his experience and experience gained from winning.” Currently, Lee Sang-hyuk is maintaining his style of supporting the team by joining the battle or intervening in other lines after attracting the opponent with a jungleer or pushing the line into the opponent’s turret rather than making solo kills that he often recorded in his heyday.

“Lee Sang-hyuk seems to have been playing with too much pressure so far,” coach Yang Dae-in said at a meeting after taking over as T1 manager in December last year. Among the internal scrimmages, there are many calls beyond the midliner area, but the midliner should only play the role of a midliner. “Lee Sang-hyuk is a player who works hard in anything, even if it’s not about games.”

There are many players in T1 besides Lee Sang-hyuk to score. “Closer” Lee Joo-hyun, who debuted at the 2020 LCK Summer, made a solo kill against “Chobi” Jung Ji-hoon in the opening game against Hanwha Life eSports with his attack power and outstanding physical strength, and led all battles to victory based on his high Irelia understanding.” “Kuma Yush” Lee Min-hyung recorded an unofficial penta kill in Hanwha Life, his debut match at LCK, and in the match against Damwon Kia, he produced a quadra kill and LCK’s 51st penta kill.

Today, T1 will meet Gen.G. E-Sports, which ranks first on its own. It is not yet known which of Lee Sang-hyuk and Lee Joo-hyun will start against “video” Kwak Bo-sung, but all expect Lee Sang-hyuk to start. For example, even if Lee Sang-hyuk does not come out, Lee Joo-hyun’s performance has already been proven. Much attention is being paid to what midliner will play against Gen.G. or whether T1 will be able to block Gen.G’s winning streak.

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Oh Cho-hee, I haven’t weighed more than 60 kilograms in a while

Oh Cho-hee

Oh Cho-hee, I haven’t weighed more than 60 kilograms in a while. I know it’s hard to lose weight.

Oh Cho-hee

Actress Oh Cho-hee revealed that she is exercising.

“I know because I’ve gained more than 60 kilograms,” Oh said on Instagram on Tuesday. How hard it is to take it out. Don’t close the playground. I’ll wear a mask. I almost broke my nose while exercising outside. I almost broke my ears because it was cold. The gym is so nice after a long time ago. I’m happy when I eat. “When you take it out, it’s going to kill you.”

The photo shows Oh Cho-hee exercising with a gym ball. The appearance of Oh Cho-hee, who maintains the right posture even on a long, straight 11-shaped leg, and a gym ball, attracts attention.

When Oh Cho-hee’s picture was released, Internet users responded, “It’s so pretty,” “You must have enjoyed the gym after a long time,” and “I can’t believe you’re over 60kg.”

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the good effects of eating onions the health benefits


the good effects of eating onions


the health benefits of eating onions

Onions found everywhere are full of health benefits, and scientists are still exploring how beneficial the vegetables really are. Onions are a very good source of vitamin C, B6, phosphorus, folic acid, and potassium 비아그라구입

The manganese in onions also provides antioxidants that protect your health. Studies have shown that systolic plants such as onions and garlic have cancer and diabetes repellent components, and that they flex hard blood vessels by emitting nitrogen oxide.

A large amount of polyphenols (another phytochemical in onions) and an antioxidant flavonoid called quercetin (proved to represent anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic functions) in onions have been known to prevent diseases.

While the effectiveness of quercetin can be reduced by cooking onions, when cooked lightly, the effectiveness of the quercetin is not significant. However, avoid over-cooking or burning to preserve these precious nutrients.

These flavonoids in onions are more concentrated in the outer layer of the onion, so try not to throw away all the parts that make up the onion as much as possible.

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MAMAMOO Solar, the most beautiful woman in the world


MAMAMOO Solar, the most beautiful woman in the world.


“I’ve been into aroma scents lately,” she said on her Instagram account on the 19th. He£m” and several photos were posted.

In the picture, Solar was dressed in a cute mini dress, which caught the eye by giving off a pure yet sexy charm.

Solar also excited with her cool fashion that already seemed to be in summer, with the article “I hope summer comes soon” in a recently released emotional photo.

Meanwhile, Solar opened her personal Instagram account last month.

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I don’t know what to say to the restraints of anti-ministry

Ban Min-jung

I don’t know what to say to the restraints of anti-ministry.

Ban Min-jung

Actress Ban Min-jung expressed her feelings after hearing the news of Cho Duk-je’s sentence.

On the 15th, Ban Min-jung said in a telephone conversation with Expots News that she was being contacted by reporters after hearing the news while eating, “I don’t know what to say.” Ban Min-jung, who continued to speak in a slightly nervous but calm voice, said, “I don’t think I can talk well in words, so I’m in a situation where I put my feelings into my position.”

After the news of Cho Duk-je’s arrest was announced on the day, Ban Min-jung expressed her feelings in a statement.

“I suffered too much for about six years,” Ban said. Although the defendants’ personal interviews, press conferences, Internet cafes, Facebook and YouTube posts and videos they posted after the convictions of sex crimes were all false, they were imprinted on the public as innocent girls, threatened women, and they lost everything.”

“What I was able to choose in that state was a legal response, and although it took time, I dragged out my guilt today. In the process of legal action, several self-inflicted and extreme choice attempts were made, physically and mentally collapsed, and all lives were shaken. Nevertheless, what I endured to the end was that I wanted to be a hope that the truth would be revealed someday if I lived with other victims of sex crimes, going further from being recognized as false by law.”
He added, “I wanted to let you know that my case and its resolution process were not a provocative gossip, but a serious social problem, and I hope that today’s ruling will remain a meaningful precedent.”

Earlier in the day, Judge Park Chang-woo of the Uijeongbu District Court sentenced Cho Duk-je, a defendant accused of violating the Special Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Cho Deok-je was put on trial in April 2015 on charges of indecent assault, including touching the body of the opponent’s anti-minjeong without prior agreement, and was sentenced by the Supreme Court in 2018 to one year in prison with two years of probation and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment.

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Son Dambi is wearing the same necklace. It’s around 70 million won

Son Dambi

Son Dambi is wearing the same necklace. It’s around 70 million won.

Son Dambi

Singer Rain and Son Dam-bi are in the spotlight for wearing the same necklace.

Son Dambi wore a black slip dress and a diamond-decorated necklace at the 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards on the 29th of last month. Son Dam-bi wore a set of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to highlight her fashion.

In addition, singer Rain sang his new song “Change to Me” at the 35th 2021 Golden Disc Awards with Park Jin-young on the 10th. At that time, Rain drew attention by wearing a black suit and a diamond necklace worn by Son Dam-bi.
The necklace is a Posten Necris from the jewelry brand Fred, an expensive product with diamonds on it. The price is known to be about 71.46 million won. Netizens responded by saying, “Both look good,” “The price is ridiculous,” and “I wonder if it’s sponsored or owned by them.”