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It’s refreshing to listen to my body’s sound while I’m on prescription therapy


It’s refreshing to listen to my body’s sound while I’m on prescription therapy.


Symptoms of trauma caused by unexpected traffic accidents or strong shocks are the first symptoms. If there is pain, cause treatment is essential, but numerical treatment and physical therapy are often used at the same time. I heard from an expert in manual therapy about what manual therapy is like and whether it helps relieve pain.

Is it possible to relieve the pain with prescription therapy?

Metrology is a treatment that can literally relieve pain by fixing muscles and joints with bare hands. It is good because you can point out areas of pain because you use your hands directly. An emotional sense of stability can be expected by identifying the cause of pain and considering posture correction, patient treatment time, and characteristics.

In addition, prescription therapy can expect results such as relaxation of muscles closely related to pain, improvement of blood circulation, and reduction of edema. Strain in muscles can cause pain. To relieve the pain, you need to relax tense muscles, and manual therapy relaxes them and restores shortening muscle tension. As it also helps lymph circulation and blood circulation, it can reduce edema caused by inflammation and also speed up recovery.

In addition, by hand treating the muscles and joints related to pain, the therapist can restore the normal range of operation of the joints that were difficult to move due to pain 온라인비아그라구입처

What is the difference between massage and prescription therapy?

Because of the use of hands, massage and prescription therapy are often considered similar. However, manual therapy directly treats the ligaments, muscles, nerves, and joints that are problematic based on close examination and medical findings from medical staff. Massage, a form of rubbing muscles without medical observation, can temporarily relieve pain, but it is difficult to receive fundamental treatment.

How are chuna treatments different from potty treatments?

Chuna is a herbal medicine made by combining herbal medicine with the treatment of kyrofractic. Like manual therapy, hand therapy is used, but while hand therapy is a comprehensive treatment of bone-bearing muscles and ligaments, chuna treatment is mainly focused on pushing and pulling bones.

Sometimes it hurts even more after a prescription…

Pain or fatigue may be felt for two to three days after the prescription treatment, but this is a natural process that the body can recover itself and can appear after treatment.

How much do I need to get my prescription filled?

Recovery rates vary depending on individual patients’ age, physical strength, and immunity, so the number of prescription treatments also varies. Usually, if you receive about 5 to 10 times, the pain is relieved a lot.

Is there a separate organization that is certified for prescription therapy?

Manual therapy can be received in orthopedics, pain medicine, etc., and it should be checked whether a therapist with systematic training is conducted by an international certification institution, not a private institution. Please note that this way, we can expect safer and better results.

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celebrities and remarried wives were daughters of Michelin’s restaurant

Ryu Dam

In May last year, non-celebrities and remarried wives were daughters of Michelin’s restaurant.

Ryu Dam

Comedian Ryu Dam remarried to a non-celebrity last year. Ryu Dam recently lost 40kg on a diet and gained attention for his unique history of sommelier, a traditional liquor.

According to a close aide to Ryu Dam on May 15, Ryu had a wedding ceremony with his wife, who was a non-celebrity, in May last year when only his family and relatives gathered in Seoul.

According to a source close to them, the two met by an acquaintance and formed a marriage relationship. In particular, Ryudam’s wife is known to be the daughter of Kim Do-young, who runs a “reverse hall” selected by Michelin Bib Gourmang for four consecutive years.

Earlier, Ryu Dam announced that he had recently obtained a certificate in sommelier, a traditional liquor. Ryu Dam is known to have become interested in traditional liquor after marriage due to the influence of his wife who runs a brewery in a restaurant. Ryu Dam has often shown himself making traditional liquor at the brewery in question on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ryu Dam starred in KBS1’s daily drama “Walk on the Flower Road,” which ended in April 2020.

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Ready-to-be-delivered delivery this year again. Han Hye-jin doesn’t raise

Han Hye-jin

Ready-to-be-delivered delivery this year again. Han Hye-jin doesn’t raise children these days, so she’s light.

Han Hye-jin

Han Hye-jin left a comical comment on her husband Ki Sung-yong’s Instagram, drawing attention.

On the 14th, soccer player Ki Sung-yong said on his Instagram, “We are delivering the package again this year. “Wait for me,” he posted a photo of his national team members. This seems to be the beginning of a perfect pass like a courier in soccer.

Han Hye-jin, who saw this, left a comment saying, “You must have gotten a lot lighter because you didn’t raise children these days,” making fans laugh.

Ki Sung-yueng said, “Working out is harder than parenting. Even if they complain in a cute way, “ma’am.”

Ki Sung-yueng also has a controversial dark history of writing on social media when he was a member of the national team.

Meanwhile, Han recently signed an exclusive contract with Ace Factory.

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A massage to try when your stomach hurts and you don’t


A massage to try when your stomach hurts and you don’t have a bowel movement.


Navel Centered Clockwise Massage

Put your palm on your right lower abdomen and twist it clockwise. I press it with a strength that won’t hurt my stomach. And then a little smaller 정품비아그라구매

Turn clockwise from the right next to the navel as if you are drawing a circle. Put your fists on the palate and flip them in the side-by side.

Then, sweep the entire boat up and down with your palm. Finally, he put both palms on his left lower abdomen and pushed them towards the anus.

C. Especially, older adults who have less movement in their intestines due to reduced nerve cells are better at massaging their abdomen. Abdominal acupressure.

It helps. Center your belly button, two fingers on both sides, four joints down, three joints on each side, and three knots on the other side.

You can press the poem. As the meridians and cystic veins gathered in the abdomen are under pressure, tension between the small intestine and the large intestine is relaxed and function is active, constipation is increased.

be relieved of

a steam bath in the lower abdomen

It is also recommended to put a warm towel on the lower abdomen, which is the area where the intestines are located. As blood circulation around the intestines becomes more desirable, the autonomic nervous system becomes more active.

It becomes active, which promotes bowel movement. In fact, the hospital has given people with high levels of intestinal gas a pouch containing hot water.

Keep it on your stomach. Then the bowel movement becomes active and the gas escapes. You’re actually targeting the elderly with constipation, both sides of the belly button and the bottom.

I warmed it up for 40 minutes and massaged it with my fingers four times 10 times a week, and the number of defecations increased about two times a week, and the bowels became soft.

Domestic studies show that the discomfort caused by constipation has been greatly reduced.

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you don’t misunderstand my meeting with Jeon Seung-bin Shim Eun-jin

Shim Eun-jin

I hope you don’t misunderstand my meeting with Jeon Seung-bin and Hong In-young and Shim Eun-jin, who divorced in April last year.

Shim Eun-jin

With Shim Eun-jin and Jeon Seung-bin becoming a legal couple, controversy arose over the timing of divorce from her ex-wife Hong In-young. Jeon Seung-bin explained the controversy.

“Jeon Seung-bin divorced his ex-wife Hong In-young in April last year,” an official at StarHue Entertainment, actor Jeon Seung-bin’s agency, told the daily Sports on the 13th. Divorce was confirmed in April last year, but they have been separated since 2019 and prepared for divorce. It took time to fine-tune the details and it took time to confirm the divorce, but we have been in the divorce process since 2019. Earlier in May 2016, Jeon Seung-bin married actor Hong In-young, who made his face known with “Areum from Engineering University.”

On-line, there was an unfavorable view that the timing of divorce with his ex-wife Hong In-young and the timing of his relationship with actress Shim Eun-jin might overlap. In this regard, the agency said, “I hope you don’t misunderstand. That is absolutely not true.

Shim Eun-jin and Jeon Seung-bin announced their marriage on Wednesday. She met through MBC’s daily drama ‘Bad Love’ and developed a relationship from a colleague to a couple, and even got married. After dating for about eight months, they became a couple. Shim Eun-jin said, “It may be too early, but I was sure.” “I thought I should not let go of this hand, so I grabbed it,” Jeon added.

The two, who became a legal couple after their marriage registration, will invite only a small number of family members and acquaintances from both families to hold a simple pledge ceremony when the Corona 19 situation calms down. The exact time is undecided.

Shim Eun-jin debuted with Baby Vox in 1998. He made hit songs such as “Yaya,” “Doll,” and “Get Up,” and later expanded his career as an actor. She appeared in the dramas “Yellow Vengeance,” “Would be a Night Watchman,” “The Son of a Rich Family,” and “Big Issue.”

Jeon Seung-bin began his acting career in 2006 with the play ‘Match Made in Heaven.’ She appeared in the drama series “Aeja’s Sister Minja,” “Cheonchu Empress,” “The Grand King’s Dream,” and “Advisor.” The latest film is ‘Spy Who Loved Me.’

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It’s the effects and side effects of guava


It’s the effects and side effects of guava.


Reduces blood sugar levels.

Several studies have shown that guava extract and guava tea have the effect of reducing insulin resistance and lowering blood sugar levels. It’s a lab study, but it’s still good news for type 2 diabetes patients.

It helps with heart health.

Guava can help your heart health in many ways. One of them is vitamin C and antioxidants, which are abundant in guava. The antioxidants protect the heart against the active oxygen. And the other action is calcium and fiber in guava. These actions can lower blood pressure and bad LDL cholesterol levels. High blood pressure is a silent killer. I don’t usually have any symptoms. That’s why you need to take care of yourself. If you like guava, you can expect this effect from guava intake 비아그라파는곳

It helps digestion.

Guava is rich in fiber. Guava contains 20 percent of the daily intake of 100 grams. This fiber will help the bowel movement and prevent constipation. Guava also relieves diarrhea. Guava contains antibacterial components, which correspond to the bacteria that cause diarrhea in the intestines. Digestion is the basis of health. No matter how good you eat, it’s useless if you can’t digest. You can expect this effect in guava.

It’s good for losing weight.

Guava is said to be good for weight loss due to its high fiber content and relatively low calorific content. Furthermore, guava is rich in vitamins and minerals, so you don’t have to worry about essential nutrients.

It has anti-cancer effects.

Guava is rich in antioxidants and is responsive to cancer cells. The antioxidant component corresponds to the active oxygen, one of the causes of cancer. Of course, this study doesn’t mean that guava is a special medicine for cancer. You can increase your response to cancer by eating your favorite food.

Increases immunity.

Lack of vitamin C in our bodies increases the risk of getting sick. But guava is rich in vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C in 100 grams of guava is 380 percent of the recommended daily intake. Immunity cannot be overemphasized. It’s the most important factor in protecting our health. You can expect this effect in guava.

It’s good for skin trouble.

The antioxidants prevent damage to skin cells. It prevents cell damage caused by aging and protects skin cells from inflammation and ultraviolet rays caused by viruses and germs. That’s why there are cosmetics with guava ingredients.

It’s good for improving eyesight.

Guava is rich in vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A in our bodies causes many problems with eye health, which makes our eyes dry and our vision poor. If you usually enjoy guava leaf tea, you can expect this effect.

In addition, guava has various effects. It’s good for colds and menstrual pain. But guava is not a special medicine for any disease. It’s to increase your responsiveness to the disease by eating delicious food. That’s probably why people who like guava love guava more.

Side effects and precautions

Guava is safe to eat as a fruit, but research on guava extract is too small to say whether it is safe.

Be careful if you are allergic to tropical fruits. Guava is also a tropical fruit. Also, it would be good to consult a doctor when taking guava extracts for a long time, not fruit. Especially if there’s a medicine you’re taking.

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BJ Eun-jin from DIA, I don’t care about other people’s lives

BJ Eun-jin

BJ Eun-jin from DIA, I don’t care about other people’s lives. Shoot the haters.

BJ Eun-jin

Eun-jin (BJ Jin-jin), a former member of the group DIA, criticized the haters.

Eun-jin posted an article titled “Look at those who write malicious comments” on the bulletin board of her African TV channel “Eunjin TV” on the 12th.

Eun-jin said, “After I left the team, the fans who were fans became anti-fans and posted malicious comments, saying nonsense and saying that I damaged the team because of me.”

“I was forced to leave because of health problems, and I didn’t go out happily for good things, but I had my own hardships and hardships,” he said. “I also gave up on the entertainment industry that I had dreamed of.” In that sense, I also said that I suffered damage, but it’s not good to see them making up weird words and posting malicious comments.

“My life is my life,” he said. Whatever you choose or do in any situation, it’s my life, so please don’t pay attention to other people’s lives and I hope you pay more attention to your life at that time,” he said.

Also, mentioning diamonds in the title of the show has nothing to do with them. What they don’t want to see is just their own problem. If you don’t like it that much, I won’t mention DIA in the title of the show, so please don’t worry about my life.

Meanwhile, Eun-jin, who debuted as a member of the group DIA in 2015, left the team in 2018 due to health reasons. Since November last year, he has been working as an African TV BJ.

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the efficacy and side effects of spinach


the efficacy and side effects of spinach


Respond to oxidative stress.

The oxidative stress caused by active oxygen is one of the main culprits of breaking down our bodies. It’s aging, and it’s producing mutated cells, like malignant tumor cells. According to data from the National Institutes of Health in the United States, the antioxidants in spinach keep our bodies healthy in response to oxidative stress.

It helps with eye health.

Antioxide also helps reduce vision due to aging. According to data from the Harvard Medical School, eating foods rich in antioxidants can improve your eyesight. These vegetables are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and lutein and zeaxantin, which act as antioxidants, so you can improve your eyesight by eating them consistently.

It helps control blood pressure.

Spinach contains a large amount of nitrate, which is said to help control blood pressure in our bodies. High blood pressure is often called a silent killer. I don’t usually feel it, but I suddenly face the serious symptoms one day. Hypertension leads to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction. According to data released by the Health Insurance Assessment Service in 2016, there are 7.21 million people with high blood pressure in Korea. That’s a huge number considering that high blood pressure usually occurs in adults. You need to take care of it regularly. You will need to take active care of course. Food like spinach is said to help 비아그라구입

It has anti-cancer properties.

Spinach contains anti-cancer components that correspond to some cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. And the antioxidants that correspond to the cell variations that active oxygen creates play a role. But I’m not saying spinach is a special medicine for cancer. You can think that you can eat delicious food and increase your resistance to cancer.

Increases immunity.

Spinach contains a large amount of salt, so it responds to various inflammations that occur in our bodies. There are various factors in our body that cause inflammation, such as bacteria, viruses, and germs. Poor management of them leads to inflammation and disease. The same goes for arthritis and gastritis. That’s why immunity is important. You can get help from foods that are rich in vitamins like spinach.

It strengthens the bones.

Spinach is rich in vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper and manganese, which are beneficial to bone health. Vitamin K deficiency is linked to osteoporosis, and the amount of vitamin K in 100 grams is four times the recommended daily intake. As you get older, bone health is more important. It would be better to take care of it with foods that usually strengthen bones like spinach.

It’s good for losing weight.

Spinach is a vegetable that is low in calories and high in fiber. The calories in 100g are 23Kcal, about 1% of the recommended daily intake, and 2.2g of fiber, 8.8% of the recommended daily intake. In addition, it is rich in various vitamins and minerals. It’s a vegetable that helps you lose weight.

It helps skin health.

It is rich in vitamins, which can improve skin trouble. It would be the benefit of antioxidants. In addition, abundant fiber removes constipation, which has an effect.

This is just a summary of the typical effects, and there will be a variety of other effects. It helps brain health and is effective in anemia. Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. You will get a lot of health benefits from your regular intake.

What are the side effects and precautions?

It is safe to eat as food. However, it may vary depending on your situation.

If you are taking blood thinner, you should avoid it. Vitamin K can interfere with pharmacological work.

Spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, so if you eat a lot, there is a risk of kidney stones. If you have kidney stones, you should avoid them. Of course, people without kidney stones don’t have to worry about this in terms of food. But if you want to go on a one-food diet with spinach, you need to consider it.

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Lee Yong-sik’s daughter, Lee Soo-min, can’t play in her 20s because

Lee Soo-min

Lee Yong-sik’s daughter, Lee Soo-min, can’t play in her 20s because she lost 40kg.

Lee Soo-min

The daughter of “Posik” Lee Yong-sik surprised viewers by appearing with her beauty resembling Park Bo-young.

Lee Yong-sik appeared as a special guest on JTBC’s “No. 1” (hereinafter referred to as “No. 1”) which aired on the 10th.

Im Mi-sook and Kim Hak-rae gave Jang Do-yeon “I’m sorry” just before their video play, raising questions. As soon as I entered the big door of the 100-pyeong Pyeongchang-dong house I visited in the VCR, Im Mi-sook was excited, saying, “Is this my daughter-in-law’s house?” It turned out that the mansion was comedian Lee Yong-sik’s house.

Lee Soo-min, the daughter of actress-class beauty Lee Yong-sik, and Lee Soo-min, who appeared in a comedy program with a chubby appearance that resembled her father, Bo-sik, surprised viewers by appearing in a beautiful appearance after losing weight.

His son, Kim Dong-young, who visited Lee Yong-sik’s house with Lim Mi-sook and Kim Hak-rae, was embarrassed by his mother’s targeting of his daughter-in-law, but Lee Soo-min helped out the table she was trying to take out.

Lee Yong-sik started driving the love line between the two, saying, “Why couldn’t my daughter, who had never taken out that table by herself?”

Lim Mi-sook said, “Why can’t I remember the two of them? “We did a lot of broadcasts together when we were in the first grade,” he said. Lee Soo-min, a second-year elementary school student, and Kim Dong-young, a first-year student, had a history of appearing on the show together with chubby looks.

Lee Yong-sik praised Kim Dong-young’s voice, saying, “I love his voice,” and Lee Soo-min told Kim Dong-young that the impersonation of “Do I look like a king” would suit him well. Kim Dong-young was shy, but made people laugh by impersonating Lee Soo-min as she said.

When Lee Soo-min said about her changed appearance, “I lost 40kg to exercise for five years,” Lim Mi-sook said, “My son also lost 140kg when he played ice hockey, but he lost 60kg.” They are both the only sons of the only daughter.

Lee Yong-sik said, “I haven’t had a child for eight years, but I knelt before my wife when I heard that I was pregnant. I was happier with my daughter who looked just like me.” However, he said, “I was sad to see my daughter picking acacia petals for every 100 jump ropes in the parking lot to lose weight, but it changed this way.”

Two people who have to go to the local mart together. When Lee Soo-min and Kim Dong-young walked down the street, the studio exclaimed with excitement, saying, “You look good in height and it feels like a heart signal.”

Kim Dong-young is a year old sister, but she drew attention by using honorifics and calling her “Soomin” and showing consideration not to walk towards the roadway.

We talked about our ideal type. Asked by Kim Dong-young, Lee Soo-min said, “He is a person who takes good care of himself and likes exercising,” and Kim Dong-young said, “She likes her more and loves her job,” delivering a meaningful conversation.

The two exploded with excitement at the same time asking “What kind of fruit do you like?” at the fruit store. Lee Soo-min, who turned 30 this year, said, “I had to play when I was in my 20s, but I couldn’t play because I was losing weight,” revealing her easy-going personality with her beauty and easy-going tone 


Lee Soo-min, who majored in cello, was loved by adults for playing classical and trot songs during her dessert class. Kim Dong-young stared at his teeth and created a pink atmosphere again.

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We’re divorced. Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min joined the group

Kim Yoo-min

We’re divorced. Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min joined the group.

Kim Yoo-min

Former top dog Park Se-hyuk (P-gun) and former BPrania Kim Yoo-min will suddenly join as TV CHOSUN’s “We Divorced” No. 5.

Our Divorce (abbreviated as Wu Yi-hon) is presenting a fresh and unconventional entertainment program with the theme of “The Story After Divorce.” Lee Young-ha, Sunwoo Eun-sook, Choi Sang-gi, Yuche Leaf, Park Jae-hoon, Park Hye-young, Lee Ha-neul and Park Yoo-sun are drawing attention as their drama-like situations and inner thoughts that have not been revealed so far are revealed 강용석

In this regard, Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min will appear as the new “No.5 Couple” in the eighth episode of “U-Hon.” Park Se-hyuk is a former member of the idol group Top Dog and worked under the stage name P, while Kim Yoo-min also played as a former member of the idol group BPrania. When the two married in 2018, they had brought an issue in that they were married to members of an active idol group.

Above all, Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min, who married in 2018 after a year of dating, gave birth to their son in December of that year, but they also made headlines when they announced the news of childbirth and the news of separation. Since then, the two have separated and eventually divorced in 2019, ending their short marriage, which is actually only six months old.

In particular, Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min have revealed the true aspect of a “realistic divorce couple” that they have never met separately since their divorce in 2019. It is the first time we have met in two years after the divorce through the appearance of “The Divorce,” signaling a more unusual reunion.

Moreover, Park Se-hyuk, born in 1991, and Kim Yoo-min, born in 1994, are expected to be 31 and 28 years old this year, respectively, and tell the story of a different young divorce couple in 2030. Expectations are rising that the new 2030 young divorce couple Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min will amplify viewers’ consensus, following the highest period and perilla leaves of the “Ui-hon” couple, which is causing sympathy amid the hot topic.

The production team said, “Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min, a young divorce couple who will succeed the oldest and yuke leaf couples, will tell the story of divorce they have never revealed in ‘Wooi-hon’.” “We ask for your warm attention and support to the new Park Se-hyuk and Kim Yoo-min couple who gave courage.”