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Korean Movie “The Chaser” Movie Story and Review

The Chaser

The Chaser was released in 2008 and is now known as a very famous director.
It’s director Na Hong-jin’s debut film.
The Chaser is a movie that depicts a former detective tracking a psychopathic serial killer based on Yoo Young-chul’s serial murder case.

Former detective Uhm-ho (Kim Yoon-seok), who runs a business trip massage parlor. He is troubled by the recent series of deaths of prostitutes he had. One by one, while chasing after the missing women in anger because they think they’re diving to avoid paying back the money they borrowed, they find something in common.

All of the missing girls were last called ‘016-9265-4885.
Jung-ho thought the number’s owner sold the women for human trafficking, and just in time contacted the number’s owner and prostitute Kim Mi-jin (Seo Young-hee), who was heading home, to find his home address, and then text him.

Mi-jin tries to send a text message pretending to take a shower as soon as she comes home as she is told, but she only gets a notification of a failure to send a text message because she can’t get a signal.
Eventually, he went outside and tried to use another excuse to call Jung-ho, but there was a thick lock on the front door.
After seeing this, Mi-jin becomes obsessed with unknown fear and is soon caught up by the owner’s man and imprisoned in the bathroom.

The house owner’s name is Ji Young-min (Ha Jung-woo). Although he pretends to be normal in appearance and behavior, he was actually a serial killer who brutally murdered only powerless women.
All the prostitutes who had disappeared were brutally murdered by him.
When Young-min tries to kill Mi-jin who tries to resist in the bathroom, the doorbell rings outside.
They were acquaintances of the owner of the house believed to have been murdered by Young-min.
They, who had come to visit suddenly, also lured them into the house and brutally murdered them, and then collided with the car they were facing while they were in the car looking for a parking spot to move the car they had parked roughly in front of the house.

But the owner of the car was Jung Ho. Jung-ho was looking for Mi-jin because he was too lazy to handle the accident and thought something might have happened to Mi-jin who couldn’t contact him suddenly, so he is trying to get a contact number to solve the problem quickly.
However, Jung-ho, who was suspicious of Young-min, who kept telling him to leave because he was fine, found blood stains on his clothes and intentionally delayed the time, saying, “If you give me your contact number, I’ll compensate you.”
And we finally find out that the owner of the 4885 number in question is Young-min in front of us.
With the movie’s most famous line, “Hey, 4885. It’s You?” Jung-ho starts chasing Young-min.
Young-min, who was caught by Jung-ho after a chase in an alley, heads to the police station with Jung-ho.

Young-min turns the police station upside down by saying that he killed the girls, not sold them out.
However, statements alone lack evidence. Jung-ho said Young-min was a serial killer who killed women.
They run to the point of burning their feet for evidence, but Young-min is released for lack of evidence.
Meanwhile, Mi-jin succeeds in escaping from her home on her own.
Enter a small store and ask for help from the owner (Lee Jae-hee).
On his way to his house where Mi-jin was locked up, Young-min stopped by a regular supermarket to buy cigarettes, which was the store where Mi-jin was hiding.

Mi-jin escaped from the house but was brutally murdered by Young-min. That evening, Jung-ho listens to the voice message that Mi-jin left before she died while looking at the scene where the tragedy of Mi-jin’s murder remains in the supermarket.

In the pouring rain, Jung-ho fights hard at Young-min’s house.
After a long struggle, Jung-ho eventually overpowered Young-min.

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Let’s find out how running is good for our health.


Exercise Overview
Running is an exercise that anyone can do anytime, anywhere. Running events include sprinting, mid-distance running, long-distance running, and marathon. Unlike walking or jogging, it is better for someone who has good physical strength or is accustomed to running because of the high intensity of exercise due to competitive exercise. And because running gives a lot of stimuli to the heart, lungs, and muscles, it can improve your athletic ability by increasing your exercise effect.

motion sequence
1. Keep your body as upright as possible as you can so that you can run more comfortably.
2. It is important that the sole of the foot touches the heel first, and the center moves forward, so that the entire sole of the foot runs evenly against the ground.
3. Position yourself so that you feel like you’re pulling your back straight, your chest wide open, and your hips forward.
4. Relax your shoulders and bend your arms so that the angle of your arms is 90° with your arms naturally lowered, and lightly clench your fists as if you were holding the eggs lightly.
5. When you run, move your L-shaped arms back and forth naturally.
6. Eyes forward.

balanced development of physical ability
improvement in fatigue and vitality
high calorific consumption
a beautiful and wonderful body
Above all, health

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How to Beat the Temptation of Late Night Meals 6

Night Meals

“Whether to eat or not, that’s the question.”

As the Corona 19 incident reduces the number of gatherings and dinners and makes it difficult to eat out, office workers who leave work early will be tempted to eat late at night. In the United States, the consumption of alcohol at home has increased by 35 percent since the Korona crisis.

It’s the winter when the nights get longer. Korea is the world’s No. 1 country in the world in terms of delivery culture, which allows delivery of any single phone call even in the middle of the night. Anyone who cares about dieting must overcome the temptation of this late-night snack. The appetite is one of the basic needs of man. Is there really no way to beat this desire? Here are five ways to overcome the temptation of a late night snack.

1. Set a deadline for a meal = It doesn’t work if you make it ambiguous by saying, “I won’t eat late at night” or “I won’t eat anything before I sleep.” Set a clear meal deadline by saying, ‘I don’t eat anything after 7 p.m.’ The time may vary depending on your personal schedule, but it is important to set a clear time.

2. Get rid of temptation = When addictive snacks, such as office or home, are spread out where they stand out, you feel tempted. Even if you overcome temptation during the day, your desires can accumulate all day and explode in the evening.

3. Eat protein and fiber at each meal = Eating foods high in protein and fiber will make you feel full and reduce your snacks. If you eat enough nutrients that your body needs, your desire to eat will decrease.

4. Prepare dinner in the morning = Prepare ingredients for dinner before you go to work in the morning. If you have dinner at home, you will be less tempted to eat fast food or other food on your way home from work. Eating dinner with fast food or processed food makes you more tempted to eat late at night.

5. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner = Brushing your teeth straight after dinner helps you overcome the temptation of snacks. Ordinary people don’t want to create a situation where they have to brush their teeth again after brushing.

6. Spend your evening busily = After dinner and washing dishes, spend time hanging out with your family. If you don’t have a family, read or do some hobbies. You’d better avoid eating late-night snacks because watching TV shows will tempt you to eat more late at night.

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the effects of riding a bicycle on the body


Exercise Overview
Bicycle riding is an exercise that develops cardiopulmonary functions, such as other aerobic exercises such as walking and running. Bicycle exercise is more interesting than other sports, so it is very beneficial because you can change your mood while doing physical activities for your health. Helps improve the physical strength of a person with weak lower extremities, a person with poor joints or waist, and a person with osteoporosis. Also, it is an effective exercise that even obese people can do without burdening their ankles or knees due to high calorie consumption.

method of motion
Beginners are safe to practice enough to get used to bicycles and then start full-fledged exercise. At first, start with a short time of around l0 minutes without being aware of the speed or distance of the bicycle, and gradually increase the time to increase the exercise time by 30 minutes so that you can ride comfortably. In order to improve cardiopulmonary endurance by bicycle exercise, 65% or more of the maximum heart rate is needed. If you exercise 1.6 kilometers for four to five minutes, it is about 75 percent of the maximum heart rate, and if you continue this intensity for 30 to 60 minutes, it will be effective exercise intensity and time to improve cardiopulmonary endurance. Bicycle exercise requires a longer duration of exercise because it relies more on the lower body than running and walking exercises.

motion sequence
1. The height of the saddle is appropriate for the knees to bend 20 to 30° with the heel touching the pedal while lowering the pedal in the direction of 6 o’clock and sitting with the hips level on the saddle.
2. How to hold the brake: Cover the handle handle handle with your thumb and straighten the rest of your fingers and place them lightly on the brake handle.
3. Always hold the back brake first and then the front brake. If you hold the front brake first, you can fall forward.
4. Slow down before turning a corner. If you grab a sudden brake when you turn around, you can fall.
5. It’s the right way to keep your feet straight and pedal between the tip of your feet and the soles of your feet.
6. Climbing up: You just get tired when you pedal unconditionally on the uphill. You can use your arm strength well to pull your upper body and exercise it efficiently.(Low Speed)
7. Downhill: It is also an important point to brake the rear wheels by pulling the waist back when the slope is going down a steep downhill or when braking.

– When two or more people run together, they should drive in a row.
– Sudden stops are too much for bicycles and tires, and avoid falling down.
– It is safe to pull off the bicycle because there is a risk of accidents on narrow roads.
– When riding a bicycle on a roadway, be sure to check if there are any vehicles coming from behind.
– When driving on rainy roads, gravel or sand, the brakes should be used slowly and carefully.
2) Right-hand traffic should be required when driving on a road.
2) Traffic regulations should be observed.