CLC, the first spoiler of new song ‘HELICOPTER’

The group CLC (Ciel) showed off its charm potential in “Weekly Idol” with colorful looks.

In MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” which aired on the 26th, CLC (Ciel) appeared as a complete group and showed off her personal talent, giving her a laugh.

In the show, CLC (Ciel) caught the eye by showing a spoiler stage for its new song “HELICOPTER.” The performance, reminiscent of a helicopter, and the group dance, which evokes admiration for the addictive chorus, raised expectations for the entire song to the fullest.

CLC (Ciel) showed off their hidden talents and gave them fun. First of all, Sorn (Sorn) performed “English and Thai versions of the Abolition Experience.” Kwang-hee praised her talent, saying, “She is the best idol talent.” Member Seung-hee showed off her easy-going charm with her “Electric Rice Cot Sound” and Elkie’s “Lips Elimination” talent. Leader Seung-yeon showed off her feet skills to the opening song of the animation “Little Bus Tayo,” saying, “I can dance without being embarrassed by all the music,” while showing off her charm as a main dancer by dancing with Kwang-hee to the “after-effects” of the empire.

A full-scale front-door conversation section where the members’ official information can be found, “I got it’s done. In “The Son of a Man,” member Seung-hee was selected as the main character of “Our Team’s Number 1 Beauty Goddess” along with the reason that she takes good care of the members, while members Eugene and Eun-bin were named the main characters of “Please Don’t Do This Action” at dawn.

At the end of the broadcast, CLC (Ciel) said, “We’ll be back on a stage that Cheshire would like. It’s a great song, so please wait a little longer,” he said, greeting fans who have been looking forward to his comeback.

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