Denmark broadcasting naked in front of children.

The main message of this episode is ‘This is the normal body.’ Woolle, a 76-year-old man who revealed his body, said, “I wanted to show my children that the perfect body seen in social media is rare in the world.” Then he said, “Our bodies that you see here are normal bodies. “I want you to know this is what a normal body is like,” he added.

On stage, obese people, skinny people, and people with lumps on their bodies also revealed their bodies to children for the same reason as Uleh.

“Shyness about your body comes from social media,” host Janique Shaw told NYT in an interview. “Most of the bodies we see in social media look perfect, but 90 percent of the people around the world don’t,” he stressed.

He added, “We have fat, hair, and pimples in our bodies. “I wanted to show them that this body is normal and okay,” he said. “To them, we are not actors, we are volunteers.”

The NYT reported that the children who participated in the recording were generally “useful and fun.” “I learned how to take other people’s eyes on our bodies,” one child said.

However, the controversy over the “ultra-strips-down” continues even in Denmark, which prefers progressive education.

Peter Scarab, a member of Denmark’s far-right People’s Party, said, “At the right time, children need to learn about sex and body, and this program is delivering information in a vulgar way. It is corrupting children.”

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