Exos Heroes unveils K-pop idol group’Synergy’

Line Games unveiled the K-pop idol group “Sinergy” in the game of the mobile RPG “Exos Heroes” developed by space and serviced by the company.

The group “Sinergy,” which consists of characters in the game such as Gina, Wilkes, Monica and Eden, plans to inform users of their debut through an update conducted on the 24th and continue their activities by releasing teaser videos for their debut song “Sinergy.”

In particular, the debut song “Sinergy,” in which singer “Nicol” participated as a vocalist, will present its unique sophisticated voice and provide users with fun outside of the game through the music video and making film on October 1.

Line Games is scheduled to showcase its Fatecore (exclusive costume) for three members – Gina, Monica, and Wilkes – along with the release of the music video on Oct. 1 to commemorate the debut of “Sinergy.” For one month in October, it will present 1,000 Jets as a gift if you type “SYNERGY” in the coupon input box in the game.

In addition, game growth materials will be provided through “Chuseok Access Event” from 29th to October 5th, and events will be held to win “National Recruitment Ticket” and “Dyeing Coupon” if “Maple Leaves” are collected through in-game search functions from October 6th.

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