FIFA paid attention to Son Heung-min.

FIFA also noted Son Heung-min’s four-goal blast.

Under the title of “What to Know on the Weekend,” FIFA reported major news from the soccer community held around the world last weekend. Here, Son Heung-min’s photo came out in a big way, decorating the main scene.

Among many news reports during the week, including the news that Bayern Munich started with a goal storm in the German Bundesliga, Tottenham was paid attention to Son Heung-min’s goal news and Gareth Bale’s loan transfer. “Tottenham and Bale are reunited,” FIFA said. “Manager Mourinho will want Bale to recreate when he scored 21 goals for Tottenham in the 2012-2013 season.” Tottenham also decorated the head line over the weekend thanks to Harry Kane and Son Heung-min’s splendid appearance, he said. “The Korean star (Son Heung-min) scored four goals with Kane’s help to lead the team to a 5-2 victory. It is the first time in Premier League history that one player has helped another four times in one game,” he said, noting the match between Son and Kane.

FIFA also posted a photo of Kane on social media. Kane shook hands with Son and smiled broadly, saying, “A brilliant victory. Congratulations on scoring four goals for Sony,” he wrote.

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