‘Four Goals’ Son Heung-min, EPL official ranking 1st place

Son Heung-min finally made it. He reached the top of the Premier League with a ‘portrick’. He swept everything and even topped the official website ranking.

Son Heung-min was ranked the highest in the statistics section, which was compiled by the English Premier League Secretariat on the 24th (Korea time). As a result of the match, he earned 26 points in six categories: player performance, playing time, scoring, helping and scoreless.

In October 2016, he roared, becoming the first Korean and the first Asian to rank eighth in the Premier League’s official ranking. Now at the top of the Premier League, it has risen to a level that no one in Asia can reach. It proved its value by sweeping the top power ranking of the UK’s “Sky Sports,” the best 11 of the “BBC” list, and 10 of its ratings.

The reason was good enough. Son started the second round of the English Premier League in the 2020-21 season at St. Mary’s Stadium in England on Tuesday and scored four goals. He scored an equalizer and a wedge in the reversal, giving Tottenham three valuable points.

He also broke the record. With four goals against Southampton, he became the first Korean Premier League hat trick, the first Asian player to score four goals in the Premier League, and the first ever Tottenham player to score more than four goals in an away match.

It’s still early, so you can come down from the top spot after the third round. However, if he steadily raises his offensive points, he can be in the top five or top ten until the middle of the season. Currently, Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane and Sadio Manet are under Son Heung-min.

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