Hong Kong Confirmed World’s First Corona Reinfection

In Hong Kong, a case of secondary infection of patients who have completely cured after the first infection of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) has been officially confirmed. Although some countries, including China, have reported cases of re-infections, this is the first time that re-infections have been officially prescribed. There are concerns that even if the Corona 19 vaccine is developed, there will be limits to lowering the spread of the vaccine.

According to foreign media including the medical media Stat News on the 24th (local time), researchers at the University of Hong Kong’s Corona 19 said they officially confirmed the case of a patient who was first infected with Corona 19 and was diagnosed with corona 19 in four and a half months. A paper containing the information was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Infectious Diseases.

According to the researchers, the patient was a 33-year-old Hong Kong man who was diagnosed with corona 19 at the end of March and returned from a visit to Spain this month. It was tested positive for Corona 19. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong estimated that the first infected virus originated in China, while the second infected virus was mutated in Europe.

The man had fever in his first infection, but showed no symptoms in his second. The researchers said, “It is believed that antibodies formed in the body during the first infection partially prevented the spread of the strain virus and the development of symptoms.”

“With nearly 24 million people infected so far, there could be many cases of re-infections like the Hong Kong University report,” Maria van Kercov, head of the WHO’s new and animal disease team, told a video briefing at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. “Since it is not known exactly how long the antibodies formed in the body after the infection can protect the human body, people who have been infected should also be careful of re-infections.”

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