‘I-Land’ is an overwhelming global topic.

While Mnet’s “I-LAND” (hereinafter referred to as “I-LAND”) boasts a hot global topic, attention is also being paid to the popular factors that have gathered such global fandom.
“Iland” is being broadcast live around the world through global platforms such as YouTube and has surpassed 13.6 million cumulative online viewers. The global audience vote also proved unprecedented popularity by participating in 173 countries. The number of views on various digital clips released so far, including the applicants’ performance videos and personal fancams, also reached 63 million. (based on YouTube+Naver TV) Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea and the United States were the countries that viewed digital clips the most. It has a high viewer rating in foreign countries, boasting overwhelming global popularity.

Since it started with the interest of K-pop fans around the world, “I-Land” released the contents through its official website and Weverse, which can increase accessibility for viewers around the world. Using the Weverse app, which was already familiar to overseas fans as a channel for communication with big hit entertainment artists such as BTS, “I-Land” has set up a window for unveiling various contents and leaving fans with their own reviews. Weverse, which supports automatic translation into 10 languages, allows global fans to communicate more easily and closely. In addition, real-time live broadcasting, which is transmitted through global platforms such as YouTube, provides subtitling services together and increases accessibility of global fans.

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