“It was a mistake to block Bale from going to China.”Real Madrid Admit

Reports say Real Madrid is deeply regretful about its rejection of Gareth Bale (31) to China.

The global sports media Sport Bible said on the 8th, “Real Madrid admit they made a mistake in defeating Jiangsu Suning’s offer of $1 million a week in exchange for the acquisition of Bale,” adding, “We tried to negotiate with Bale to retrieve the transfer fee for Bale’s transfer last sumer.”

In August last year, he rejected Jiangsu Suning’s willingness to carry out his recruitment with a huge weekly salary instead of setting the transfer fee low. After several rounds of negotiations, the discussion ended.

Since then, Bale has been at odds with the club for his actions that are close to sabotage. There was a complete disagreement. Recently, he focused more on golf than on his main job, and has been on the media more often.

He seems to have crossed the irrevocable river with the club. Bale was thoroughly removed from Zinedine Zidane’s (48) plan this year.

In the end, Real Madrid faced the worst situation of spending 600,000 pounds (about 900 million won) a week on non-power players who don’t even play. be in a dilemma

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