Jeon So-mi Interviews with Billboard

As for Jeon So-mi, who recently successfully wrapped up her ‘What You Waiting For’ career, Billboard said, “After being single as a solo artist, she quickly became a big star and built a huge career at the age of 19 with the great success of ‘What You Waiting For.’

Jeon So-mi’s exclusive interview with Billboard was “a very exciting time.” After a long time since the release of “BIRTHDAY,” she wanted to show a different and cool side to fans who waited for a long time. The success of ‘What You Waiting For’ is a great stimulus to me and I want to work harder on my music.”

About the music video, Jeon So-mi said, “The set was like a microcosm of the movie set. Each prop had its purpose and meaning. Producer Teddy, music video director and I always had meetings every day.” “I like every scene in the music video, but the scene where I push my bed through the wall and break my house using a forklift was the most interesting part. I think I like to break down walls and houses.”

In addition, Jeon So-mi participated in the costume selection. The lively and lively costumes gave her a glimpse of her immense sense of style. She said, “I’ve enjoyed expressing myself through costumes since I was young, and I still do. So I’m taking a serious approach, participating in every styling,” he said, showing an all-rounder-like side.

Jeon So-mi, who has also consistently received worldwide acclaim, recently took a new step into the global market by signing a contract with ‘Interscope Records.’ Jeon So-mi said, “It’s an honor and excitement to be an Interscope family. I don’t think I can hide the joy of being on the same team with legendary artists around the world,” he said.

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