Kia Motors sponsors K-pop stars.

Kia Motors plans to focus on marketing activities using Kakao M and global pop culture content.

Kia Motors announced on the 6th that it signed a partnership agreement to strengthen global cultural marketing with executives and employees including Kim Sang-dae, head of Kia Motors’ customer experience division, and Kim Sung-soo, CEO of Kakao M, at BEAT360 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 5th. A Kia Motors official said, “The partnership with Kakao M was signed to strengthen exchanges with the Millennial Generation and Generation Z through cultural and marketing activities using K-pop, and to provide global customers with the young and dynamic mobility experience of the Kia brand.”

As part of this effort, Kia Motors will participate as the main sponsor of the ‘Melon Music Awards 2019’ to be held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 30th. Marking its 11th anniversary this year, “MMA 2019” is the nation’s largest pop music award ceremony hosted by Kakao, which runs the music platform “Melon,” and organized by Kakao M and Mstone, and is Korea’s leading music festival featuring a large number of K-pop stars.

Kia Motors will also hold a customer invitation event to invite domestic and foreign customers to the site of ‘MMA 2019. By the 17th, Kia plans to draw 250 customers from the VIK application who will participate in the “Car of the Year” vote and give them invitations.

In addition, Kia Motors will host a ‘Kia Lucky Drive to Seoul’ event, which will invite 100 foreign customers from 21 countries to Korea in conjunction with the Black Pink World Tour, to experience Kia Motors’ test drive, Black Pink fan meeting, dance, makeup and other Korean cultural experiences, and to watch ‘MMA 2019’.

An official of Kia Motors said, “Starting with the sponsorship of ‘MMA 2019’, we will continue to expand marketing of various K-Culture cultural contents through cooperation with Kakao M.”

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