Making a Hollywood ‘K-pop’ movie Korean-American Director Benson Liga

Hollywood will produce a film about K-Pop.

The online magazine Deadline reported on the 6th that “20th Century Studio (20th Century Studio), the agency SB Project, and Epic Magazine will join hands to produce K-pop films.

Benson Lee (photo), a Korean-American who produced “Seoul Search,” will direct the film.

“It’s a story about an Asian college student who grew up in the U.S. going to Korea to become a ‘K-pop’ star against his family’s opposition,” the magazine said. “The movie depicts the process of participating in an audition program, competing fiercely, and becoming a K-pop star.”

The film is screenplay by Elyse Hollander. Scooter Brown and James Shin will participate as producers.카지노사이트

“The titles and actors of the movie will be announced in the future,” SB Project said.

Meanwhile, the SB Project announced plans to produce K-pop-related films two years ago. At that time, the production of K-pop movies in Hollywood was once suspended due to opposition from the industry that “K-pop movies made in Hollywood are not probable.”

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