Milwaukee, it’s only a matter of time before 1R passes?

The 2020 NBA playoffs will finally open on Wednesday.

Through the “PO Preview” series, Rookie NBA Pil-jin tries to predict and talk about the aspects and contents of each series on the ground. The series to be dealt with this time is the first round series of Eastern No. 1 Milwaukee and No. 8 Orlando.

All six of the rookie’s six-member team predicted Milwaukee’s victory in the series. And surprisingly, everyone predicted that Milwaukee would end the series early with a four-game sweep.

The power gap is already certain, but the roaster situation in Orlando is very unstable. Jonathan Isaac’s season-out left a hole in his defense, and tall resource Mo Bamba is off the bubble over Corona virus management issues. Aaron Gordon has a hamstring injury and Evan Ponier and Terence Ross are not 100 percent in condition either.

In fact, Orlando does not seem to be able to do its best, even though it is not enough to use all of its resources.

Orlando’s under-the-goal attack, led by Nicola Busevich, is likely to lose efficiency in Milwaukee’s big lineup, which includes Janis Adetokunbo, Brooke Lopez and Robin Lopez. On the other hand, Bushevich, Aaron Gordon and Cam Birch are not resources that can effectively control Adetokunbo.

With Orlando’s team defense shaking, Milwaukee will take the lead both inside and outside and finish the series with a sweep.

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