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Drive-through stores in 280 Starbucks nationwide


Starbucks Coffee Korea (CEO Song Ho-seop)’s non-face-to-face service drive through is rapidly growing.

As the culture of non-face-to-face consumption has been established due to the strengthening of social distance from Corona 19, the drive-through service, which orders quickly and safely in cars, is gaining huge popularity. Recently, My DT Pass service, which automatically pays when entering a drive-through store just by registering a car, has become popular due to convenience and time saving.

Starbucks announced on the 9th that the number of registered members of My DT Pass service has exceeded 1.5 million. My DT Pass is a system that automatically pays with Starbucks cards when ordering drive-throughs through pre-registered vehicle information by Starbucks Reward members.

If you order a drink in advance through Starbucks’ own pre-order app, “Siren Order,” and enter the drive-through entrance in a registered car, the registered vehicle number will be recognized and automatically paid on Starbucks cards (pre-paid cards) or some credit cards linked to the siren order. Customers can only receive drinks without cumbersome payment procedures and go out right away.

Starbucks first introduced the My DT Pass service in June 2018. The cumulative number of members registered for My DT Pass service exceeded 1.5 million as of December after surpassing 1 million in April this year.

Drive-through stores are also growing rapidly. 먹튀사이트 In the January-November period this year, the number of orders using vehicles at drive-through stores rose 46 percent from the same period last year. Among them, the number of orders made through My DT Pass increased by 53 percent during the same period, with four out of 10 customers using My DT Pass.

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Immunity effect 10 days after the first dose of Pfizer vaccine

Immunization effect 10 days after the first injection of the pfizer vaccine

According to major foreign media on the 9th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new report saying that the Corona 19 vaccine developed by Huiza will be effective in preventing the Corona 19 virus 10 days after the first injection.
The FDA’s report was released two days before the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee meeting was held on Saturday. The FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee will decide Tuesday on emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine in the United States.

The FDA analyzed Hua’s clinical three-phase data on about 44,000 people in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Turkey. About half of them were vaccinated and the other half were inoculated with placebo and both groups were given two doses every 21 days.

Clinical results showed that 10 days after the first inoculation, the symptoms of corona 19 were significantly reduced compared to the control group administered placebo. This means that one inoculation alone has some preventive effect on Corona 19. According to the New York Times (NYT), it is important to be vaccinated twice because it is not known how long the preventive effect from one dose will last. According to the FDA report, 52 percent of vaccinations are after the first inoculation and 95 percent after the second inoculation.

It also showed that there were no safety issues related to the side effects of the pfizer vaccine. About 84% of clinical participants reported pain in the area where inoculation was given. 63 percent said they felt tired and 38 percent complained of muscle pain. Chills and joint pain were 32 percent and 23 percent, respectively, while only 14 percent complained of fever. It is analyzed that such minor side effects are more common during the second inoculation than during the first inoculation. 토토커뮤니티 Each side effect lasts about one to two days, the survey showed.

The U.S. CNBC reported that the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee may announce its emergency approval within a few days after the meeting on the 10th (local time).

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Damwon Khan Kim Dongha I want to championship


Damwon Khan Kim Dongha I want to win the championship to become an unforgettable player


On the 7th, a video titled “Welcome Khan & Chassy” was posted on the Damwon Gaming YouTube channel.

The video shows a short interview between Khan Kim Dong-ha and Chai Shi Kim Dong-hyun, who newly joined Damwon Gaming.

On the 27th of last month, Damwon Gaming announced on its official SNS that “Kim Dong-ha, Damwon Gaming’s new top liner, Khan Kim Dong-hyun, and Casey Kim Dong-hyun will join.” Since then, he has even released an interview video.

Particularly eye-catching was Khan Kim Dong-ha’s return to the LCK. He was a member of the Chinese LPL’s FPX in the 2020 season.

“It’s a good place at first, but I didn’t have any intention to join Damwon Gaming because it was a somewhat burdensome place,” he said. “However, after I kept talking with director Kim Jung-kyun, I came to think that I wanted to work hard for the last year and leave a good side of myself was not old enough to be a professional for a long time.” That’s why I chose Damwon Gaming.

Khan Kim Dong-ha said, “I think Damwon in the 2020 season was a team that rolled well based on the strong leadership of the upper body,” and added, “Jang Ha-kwon of Neoguri, a full-time player, really rolled well.” I think I should make a lot of efforts to make sure that Damwon Gaming doesn’t lose that color.

Asked about his goal later, he said, “I personally think it’s the first thing to do in any game without ups and downs, and I think it’s natural to win as a team. I want to finish any competition with a victory.

Kim Dong-ha, who wants to be a player who can’t be forgotten. “In the LCK, Lee Sang-hyuk has the most number of career wins. As a top liner, I have a lot of winning careers, and if I add two more episodes, I think it will be a name that I won’t forget for a few years. I think it would be best to leave my name behind,” he said, drawing attention.

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CHUNG HA Corona Rumours and Facts3

It was negative in the first place. CHUNG HA Corona Rumours and Facts3

December 4th (金金녁) : Chungha + Mina + Yeonjung + Chaeyeon

December 4th (金밤밤) : Chung Ha + Yeonjung + Sana

A serial (corona) test of a girl group. ask for a starting point Mina’s birthday party and Sana’s social gathering are at the apex of Cheongha.

It’s girl group Corona Beng. The idol who met Chungha, and the idol who met her, went into the Corona test in advance.

Chungha was at the center of criticism. They are even misunderstood as “false.” A short reply posted on the fan cafe is causing speculation.

“Today!? I’m a homecock these days.” (Monday, 7th, 00:36, Cheongha fan cafe comments)

In fact, Chungha has an unfair side. Even though he was not in close contact, he volunteered to be examined. The initial test result was negative. I was relieved.

Then the situation suddenly changed. To have been declared a reversal. The voice suddenly changed to a definite sound. There was also criticism that it was the epicenter of the girl group Corona’s horror.

Dispatch obtained the results of Chung Ha’s examination alone. In the process, the quarantine authorities confirmed the mistake. I’ve arranged it in a timeline.

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coach, Hulk ended his four years in China.


After fighting with the coach, Hulk ended his four years in China.


Hulk (34), a former Brazilian national team member, officially said goodbye to Shanghai Sanggang in the Chinese Super League.

Hulk said on his SNS account on Tuesday, “I say goodbye to Sang-gang today. I am very grateful to my fans, clubs and teammates for the past four years. “Thank you for being with me for a long time,” he said. “We have achieved many achievements such as winning the Super League and the Super Cup. They trusted each other and won. Now I’m leaving my friends and thanking them for coming up.

Hulk declared in July that he would not renew his contract with Shang. As Sang-gang was eliminated in the round of 16 of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League a day earlier after losing to Vissel Kobe, all of this year’s schedules were completed, and Hulk will soon gain his status as a free agent.

In the summer of 2016, Hulk left Zenit of Russia for a transfer fee of 55 million euros (about 72.2 billion won) and joined the Sanggang River. The Chinese stage was small for Hulk, who was enjoying his heyday in Europe. Hulk, who had scored five goals in eight games in his first year, scored 69 goals in the next four seasons, scoring a total of 74 goals in 135 games. With the 2018 Super League title and the 2019 Chinese Super Cup title, he has put Sanggang on the strong list.  파워볼사이트

Hulk scored six goals in his mid-30s this year. But the last was not a happy ending. Hulk is Yokohama F.Marinos and the Champions League team manager expressed dissatisfaction with the second-half replacement order. Hulk got out of the ground and pointed his finger at coach Vittor Pereira and headed straight to the locker room.

Ferreira no longer hired Hulk, who also did not attend team training. After the Yokohama match, Hulk was excluded from the list in a total of four games, including Kobe. Eventually, Hulk ended his four-year time with Sanggang without a chance to say goodbye.

Hulk, who finished his life in China, is pushing to return to Europe. Hulk said last July, “Money is not a priority. I have to be happy,” he said, revealing the terms of the destination decision.

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23 days left to decide whether Messi’s free transfer


Only the boss has 23 days left to decide whether Messi’s free transfer will be realized.


Will Lionel Messi (33, Barcelona) remain on the team or will he make a transfer of the century next year? He has 23 days to negotiate as a free agent. From January 1 next year, only boss rules will be invoked.

Messi has been a “one-club man” for Barcelona’s B team in 2005. Under Pep Guardiola, he rose to the world’s top rank and shared the golden age. After joining Neymar and Luis Suarez, he conquered Europe with the MSN Trio and even treble.

Although he was always talkative and had a lot of problems, he ended the rumor by renewing his contract three years ago until 2021. He was a Barcelona icon and captain, receiving the world’s highest treatment. He scored 641 goals and 282 assists in 744 games in Barcelona, breaking the Spanish Primera Liga record alone.

In line with the 2022 Qatar World Cup, stories of renewal were heard. However, after the end of the 2019-20 season, a typhoon hit the country once. After Eric Abidal’s feud with manager Kike Setien and a crushing defeat to Bayern Munich, he judged Barcelona had no future and officially requested a transfer.

The transfer was withdrawn for now after controversy arose over whether to release the buyout. Although he promised to devote himself to Barcelona, he did not mean to renew his contract. Even if the next candidates pick Messi as their No. 1 priority after Chairman Josef Bartomeu leaves, no special story can be heard. 안전놀이터

The contract with Barcelona ends in June 2021. He will soon be included in the free agent (FA), and only the boss will be able to negotiate with other clubs under the rules from January 1 next year. Now the decision to renew or transfer is up to Messi.

Manchester City is the most likely candidate if it if it really Barcelona. Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea will also participate in the recruitment, but they have reached a consensus with Guardiola. As high-ranking officials such as Chiki Berrichstein share Barcelona’s philosophy, they can show off their skills without much risk. It is also said that he talked with Guardiola when he announced his transfer in the summer.

Only the boss has 23 days left until the rule is invoked. When this year is over, there is a real possibility that the transfer of the century will take place. Barcelona is on the verge of losing its team franchise star to zero won.

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Kane’s movements, dangerous behavior.


Kane’s movements, dangerous behavior.


Harry Kane’s unique movements are being pointed out locally.

The British Judgment Development Committee pointed out on social media on the 8th (Korea time) that Harry Kane’s unique move could cause serious injury to the opposing defender and he could also be injured.

Kane’s move, which he pointed out here, is a move in which Kane tries to get a foul by losing his back when his opponent jumps. 토토사이트

This action also allows Kane to win fouls. However, when he falls to his opponent, he falls forward with Kane on his back, which can cause serious injury.

“There is room for other footballers to follow Kane’s moves, like Jack Grillish’s short socks, Ronaldo’s goal ceremony and the Cruyff turn,” the association pointed out.

At Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal’s North London derby on Sunday, Gabriel Magaliance crashed into Kane in the second half of the game. Martin Akinson, who was the referee at the time, did not blow a foul, but the scene of him falling was dangerous.

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SNS ‘Shock’ in Chinese version of “Little Bride”

An 18-year-old high school student and a 14-year-old middle school student married in China, causing a stir on social media. As the Chinese version of the “Young Bride” became known, Internet users strongly criticized the parents’ sense of law.

According to 닷 on the 7th, a short video clip of a couple having dinner at Guiyu, a rural village in Santou, Guangdong Province, was posted on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) on the 26th of last month. It was the scene of a wedding reception between Lumo, a high school sophomore, and Zhuang, a middle school freshman. The two first met on an Internet chat program and fell in love. After that, they quit school and married with the permission of their parents. Their parents said they decided that they were old enough to get married according to Chinese early marriage customs. The video shook the continent with more than 500 million views.

Under the current law, China’s legal marriage age is 22 for men and 20 for women. Asked by reporters, “Didn’t you know that marriage was illegal?” Lu’s family said, “Because they said they wanted to marry each other. I didn’t know there was a problem with their marriage.

Netizens lashed out at the parents in Weibo and other places. Opinions such as “I can’t be forgiven for not knowing much about the law,” “How long do parents of both families think this marriage can last?” and “Are parents in their right minds who allow a young girl to get married only 14 years old?” were poured out. In the end, Chaoyang-gu, Santouxi, where the “young bride” lives, officially announced on the 28th that “the marriage of these students is invalid.” After calling in the parents of both families to explain the marriage-related laws, she sent the girl back home. He also advised them to “go back to school and finish their studies.”

As the controversy grew, Lu’s grandmother shed tears in a media interview, saying, “I was too old to know (that early marriage) was illegal.”

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IFFS Selected 2020 Team of the Year Announced


The days when the Spanish La Liga dominated Europe have now become a thing of the past.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) announced the 2020 team of the year on Friday (Korea time). Among the 11 players, Bayern Munich players who achieved the treble last season were the main players.

Manuel Neuer (Munchen, 34) was chosen as the goalkeeper. Two Liverpool players were selected for the defense. Trent Alexander Arnold, 22, and Virgil van Dyke, 29, took up one spot each. The remaining seats were named by Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid, 34) and Alfonso Davis (Munchen, 20), who still show off their skills.

The midfielders were won by both former and current Munich players, except for Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City, 29), the best player in the Premier League last season. Josiah Kimmich (Munchen, 25) and Tiago Alcantara (Liverpool, 29) were chosen.

The three attackers were picked up by players anyone could predict. No player could surpass Roberto Lewandowski (Munchen, 32), Lionel Messi (33, Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (35, Juventus).

Until the early 2010s, Spanish La Liga players dominated this year’s team. However, this year’s team produced four players each from the German Bundesliga and the EPL, 토토커뮤니티 and La Liga had only two players.

“Only Ramos of Real and Messi of Barcelona have joined this year’s team,” the Spanish club said. The problem is that both players are now in their mid-30s. Although La Liga needs a star to succeed the two players, Ramos and Messi are still at the core of the team, and the difference in performance is extreme when the two players are present or not.

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Korean food, how to make bulgogi


Food Information
Considering the Japanese consumers who prefer the soft taste of Bulgogi, the beef was sliced into thin slices to add a soft taste and seasonings well. We have made it possible to apply it according to the season so that it can be eaten with ssam to suit the local food preference. Perilla leaves are non-preferred by Japanese consumers, so be sure to exclude them.

Ingredients (4 servings)
– 500g of beef (east sirloin or tenderloin), 200g of onions (2), 20g of green onion (1 unit), 50g of enoki mushroom, side vegetables (100g of lettuce leaf vegetables, 2 pieces of green peppers, 5 pages of peeled garlic), and 42g (2TS) of ssamjang.

Material (Sauce)
– Bulgogi sauce: 72g (4TS), 0.6g (1/4ts), black pepper, 30g (2TS), pear juice (16g), ginger juice (4TS), 48g (4TS), starch syrup 38g (2TS), 14g (1TS), minced garlic 8g (1/2TS), crushed salt 3g (1/2TS), sesame oil 13g (1TS)

Cooking method
1. Pick the tender part of sirloin or tenderloin and prepare beef by cutting it thinly (5x4x0.3cm).

2. After mixing the beef with pear juice, sugar and ginger juice, add the remaining seasoning ingredients and marinate them evenly for more than 30 minutes.

3. Slice green onions diagonally to 0.5cm thick, and shred onions to 0.3cm thick. Cut the bottom of enoki mushrooms and prepare them.

4. Stir-fry meat and prepared vegetables in a heated pan. 안전놀이터
* Prepare side vegetables (leaf vegetables such as lettuce, perilla leaves, green peppers, and garlic) and mix them with ssamjang.