Team all-time high win rate .717 finish

The Los Angeles Dodgers finished the regular season with the highest winning rate ever.

The Dodgers beat the Los Angeles Angels 5-0 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Korean time). He ended the season with 43 wins and 17 losses and a winning percentage of 7.17.

In the first inning, A.J. Pollack picked up the lead with a solo home run. In the third inning, he had a chance to bases-loaded with no outs with three walks. Cory Seager’s double added a run, and when Justin Turner grounded out to first base, he ran away 3-0.

The Dodgers had a two-run homer in mid-month by Pollack after Jap Pederson hit the bases with a heavy hit in the seventh inning.

On the mound, Victor Gonzales took the opener and pitched one scoreless inning. Dustin May took the mound from the second inning and became the winning pitcher with two hits, five strikeouts, and no runs in four innings. May, who is eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, recorded three wins and one loss and a 2.57 ERA in the season.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers started the first round of the wild card series (three wins and two wins), heralding Walker Buehler. Clayton Kershaw will start Game 2.

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