The influx of Korean dramas and K-pop through SNS

Consumers of the Korean Wave in Japan, which has been rekindled from dramas such as “Urgent Landing of Love,” are spreading to their 10s and 20s, drawing attention to future trends. Expectations are also growing that these generations will go beyond some K-pop idol fandom and increase their consumption more actively throughout Korean content.

Japan’s Z General Research Institute, which studies Generation Z, born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, and online fashion magazines “MERY” and “MINABI TINES,” which target these generations, recently released trend keywords for the first half of this year. According to the report, entertainment-related keywords such as girl group Nizu and Korea-Japan co-production group JO1, as well as Korean culture-related contents such as Dalgona coffee, sticker photos and tattoos that were exported back to Japan, and some cosmetics brands were among the top spots.

Analysts say that the Japanese youth’s interest in Korean culture stems from Korean Wave content such as dramas, movies and K-pop. “MERY” added that the young generation’s Hallyu fever is heating up due to the influx and spread of Korean culture through SNS, especially the consumption of various SNS content related to Korean idols, and the empathy for characters in Korean dramas in social difficulties as well as love stories. “Young people from both countries share similar tastes such as fashion,” the Z General Research Institute said.

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