‘The most popular singer in ‘India.

Jimin’s solo song “Filter” by the group BTS (BTS) is gaining popularity in India.

“Allkpop,” a North American media outlet, said on the 10th that BTS Jimin is a popular figure in India. His popularity ranges from music streaming platforms to social media, from young to old,” it reported.

“All-K-Pop” explains that Jimin’s solo song “Filter” is gaining huge popularity in India, and that “Filter” has recently topped India’s official digital iTunes chart and has so far topped the list in 91 countries, but four more countries have been added recently, ranking first in a total of 95 countries.

The media added that “Filter” ranked the highest among solo songs on the fourth full-length album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” on Ghana, India’s largest streaming platform with an average monthly number of more than 150 million users, and also on “Jio Saavn,” another music platform.

In addition, “Jio Saavn” recently, “Filter” became the second most streamed song on the “Map Of The Soul: 7” album, adding to “Jio Saavn,” an Indian music streaming platform with 100 million listeners.

Jimin’s “Filter” is the most frequently streamed solo song on the “Map Of The Soul: 7” album and is the only one of the most streamed songs on “Top 5,” highlighting Jimin’s popularity on Indian streaming sites.

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