Usain Bolt, Corona Confirmed

Usain Bolt is self-isolating after undergoing Corona 19.

On the 24th local time, foreign media including Canada’s CBC reported that “Obsain Bolt, a former Olympic champion, was tested for Corona 19.”

Bolt attended a party on his 34th birthday on the 21st.

According to the video released on social media, the party participants did not wear masks.

And I danced without any distance.

Three days later, Bolt tweeted, “I was examined on Saturday.”

“There’s no symptoms that we’ve seen so far,” he said. “We’re going to quarantine ourselves for safety.”

Jamaican media Nation Wide 90FM reported, “The bolt was confirmed in Corona19.

Bolt also said he did not answer any questions about this.

Meanwhile, Bolt holds the world men’s 100m and 200m records.

At the Beijing Olympics in August 2008, he set a record of 9.69 seconds for the 100m sprint and 19.3 seconds for the 200m sprint.

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