‘Wannabe Myself’ released…Honestly, proud charm

MAMAMOO will release their special single “WANNA BE MYSELF.”

MAMAMOO will release its special single “Wanna Be My Self” through various music sites at 6 p.m. today (10th), and give off a frank and confident charm.

“Wanna Be My Self” is a disco genre with a bouncy retro sound that is attractive, and sings how to love me entirely with MAMAMOO’s honest and confident attitude.

In particular, there are no standards set by the world, and the lyrics include that even if the “me” that others see and the “me” that I see are different, I will respect and cherish the “me” that remains unchanged.

The music video, which will be released along with the song, will have a distinct contrasting vibe and the confident attitude of the members of MAMAMOO meet to give the impression that they are watching a fashion film.

In addition to minimal sets and lighting, Mamamoo’s addictive group dance is expected to give an oath to trendy emotions.

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