Washington, Strasberg, protests in the stands. ‘Leave’

Washington Nationals pitcher Steven Strasberg was sent off from the stands protesting the referee’s decision.

In a game against the New York Mets in City Field, New York, on the 14th (Korea time), Strasberg watched the game from the audience, not from the dugout, in order to practice social distance caused by the Corona 19.

When Washington pitcher Austin Boss’s ball was ruled ball in the third inning with two outs and two strikes at Pete Alonso’s at-bats, he complained a lot. As complaints poured out in the dugout in Washington, referee Carlos Torres, who had been looking at the bench for a while, looked at the stands and made a gesture to Strasberg, which meant leaving.

This is the second time that a player has been sent out of the stands while watching. Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Derek Holland was also kicked out of the stands after expressing dissatisfaction with the decision against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 27.

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