‘Yellow Bee’ to enter K-pop in Indonesia following promotion in Japan

Following the Japanese promotion of girl group Yellow Bee, it entered K-pop in Indonesia and was recorded on JTBC.

Girl group Yellow Bee, who will arrive in Korea on the 5th after completing a promotion in Japan, is drawing attention as it is on the lineup of overseas K-pop performances hosted by Gyeonggi Province.

“Girl group Yellowbee is joining Follow Gyunggi K-Culture Festa IN Indonesia,” said the agency Ediction Entertainment.

Hosted by Gyeonggi Province, the Follow Gyunggi K-Culture Festa” is a large-scale K-pop concert in Jakarta from Oct. 19-20, 2019, and is recorded on JTBC.”

The lineup of the Indonesian K-pop festival will feature teams such as “JBJ95, Kim Jong-kook, Epik High, VAV, DIA, Baek A-yeon, GWSN, One Million, Taemin, GRP, Lovelyz, The Rose and Yellowbee.”

Meanwhile, the five-member “Yellow Bee,” composed of “Leader,” Annie, Ari, Soye and Seolha,” is a next-generation K-pop group that has become a successful case of domestic and overseas promotions since the release of its third single “DVD.”

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